Monday, November 10, 2014

Monday Musings

Well the weekend wasn't exactly what I expected.  Thursday evening dozed off while watching tv only to wake up with vertigo. Which lingered into the next day.  That's the thing with vertigo attacks they leave me feeling fatigued, weak and overall out of sorts for days after. 

Friday was spent on the couch, most of Saturday too though did a few things and Sunday just settled into couch for nfl football.  Those kind of not feeling well days are hard to deal with, they have a tendency to leave me feeling either anxious or even a little bit down.

For some reason when I feel awful or experience adversity it also seems to weaken my faith.  Then leads me to question why would any God let people suffer, and so on.  So then I start to ponder all the suffering of the world. Oy!

It's strange because around Fall and heading into Winter my symptoms always seem to worsen.  Sometimes wonder if I should try living in a warm environment like south Florida where the weather and temperatures don't have as many extremes.  Just a thought.

Today of course the house needed some cleaning, Cooper needed a bath and while I did it the man just watched.  A follower of my blog emailed me the other day to let me know I wasn't alone, though she added my man may even be lazier than hers. At least that made me laugh. ha

So I'm not the only one but at least her guy hired a cleaning service so neither of them have to.  Though think in his little fantasy world my man believes he does a lot.  Oh well, maybe some day he really will start those two businesses and sell them for lots, then hire someone to do the work he could easily be doing.  A girl can dream. :)

I have often wondered if people are more prone to be and do what they saw growing up.  Work, house cleaning, outdoor stuff, relationships, cooking, social lives, etc., often times those are influenced by our parents or other family.  And it's true that we should all pay attention to how people treat their parents because that's most likely how they will treat others they love. Anyway, there I go getting off on a whole other tangent.

At least I have this little guy to snuggle next to on those days I don't feel hundred percent or am worn out.


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