Monday, November 3, 2014

Monday Musings

We went from warm, sunny days to cold, freezing temperatures. And yesterdays gusty winds actually brought a chunk of our tree toppling down.  It's officially sweater weather, and my puffy winter coat is making an appearance already!

Halloween brought a lot of kids here, while it started off slow the later it got the more kids began to show up.  Being it was Coopers first he didn't know what to make of all the kids dressed up, lets just say he was barking up a storm.  The man actually met up with a friend later in the night so no parties for us. Though I'm thinking maybe we should throw one next year, it would be fun to get dressed up in costume.

Overall the week involved a lot of outdoor work.  Trying to clean things up, get the leaves ready for pick up and prepare plants for overwintering.

Saturday night we played scrabble, which has become a favorite.  The man seems to think he wins at all the games we play but it was I who won this match!  Not that I'm all that competitive but it is fun to occasionally win.  :)

Sunday was all about football.  The Eagles quarterback who I'm quite fond of broke his collarbone, so he will be on injured reserve for awhile.  Of course Philly finally has a quarterback I like and he gets injured.  Meanwhile the man's Broncos took a beating from the Patriots.  Needless to say he wasn't happy.  Weekends basically are consumed by his sportsboss business. Not sure he fully enjoys watching sports anymore when there is so much pressure on games he's picks for others to win.

It's interesting because I think pretty much everyone would like to run their own business, and have the freedoms that come along with it.  But in all honestly owning a business is a lot of work.  It doesn't come with benefits, there are actually more taxes taken out of ones pay and overall taking vacations isn't exactly as easy as everyone believes it will be.  Think there are more benefits to working for someone than being the boss that many don't even consider.  Though I think the idea of the freedom and hours not being set in stone is the most appealing aspect of owning a business.

Anyway not sure how I even got off on that tangent but I'm feeling tired, and not much like writing so I'm going to go try to relax and think of something to cook for dinner on this chilly evening!

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