Friday, October 3, 2014

Things Not Suppose To Talk About

For some reason there seems to be this unwritten rule that bloggers should never talk about sensitive topics, the kind often found in headline news. Why I don't know but I don't subscribe to that notion, as I want to hear others beliefs and opinions.

Having said that I'm just going to let loose on some of the headlines this week.

CDC is the government agency that said it was highly unlikely ebola would be seen in the United States. Now it's here.  So much for precautions. If Obama and the rest of the leaders of the world had banned travel to those infected regions, would it not have slowed the spread in the first place?  Should that not have been first precaution taken?  And how about banning all journalists and non essential officials from entering those areas as well.  They are selfishly putting more people at risk.  Hear that NBC and all the other media outlets sending their workers in harm way.  The world can't contain the common cold, flu, aids, etc, so what makes the experts think they can contain ebola?

Meanwhile ISIS the brutal terrorist group appears to be at it again. How can they even begin to think their Allah would support what they are doing?  Why do they always hide behind black masks, isn't that rather cowardly?  Our soldiers don't hide their faces.  And why can't we all just exist peacefully, within our own faiths?  The world is surely big enough for all faiths and types, no?

Back to the craziness of the US, what's with these teachers sleeping with their students?  The latest headline has two women having a threesome with a 16 year old male student.  All ridiculous jokes aside (and I've seen a lot on social media) this is some sick crap.  Why would any teacher male or female go down that road?  Ever heard of self control?  Or faithfulness and loyalty to your spouses?  I'm sorry but anyone who does this is mentally sick in my book. 

Also wondering with all the sick crimes that make the news, might our punishment system be completely out dated.  It just doesn't seem like there is a strong enough deterrent system in place. Here in Philly there seems to be a few shootings on the news every night.  Our kids should not have to grow up in such a world.

But what really is bothering me this week is the politicians.  They have the power to do the right thing, they get paid big salaries to stand up for people.  Yet it's unbelievable how nothing ever seems to change or get accomplished. Truth is there aren't many politicians on either side of the political parties that I think are worth the money or positions they hold. 

What I do wish is that this country could get back to the people's vote.  On big issues that concern the American people I think everyone should be given a vote.  Not just leave it up to the President, Congress or Senate.  Or the electoral college for that matter. Everyone votes, and every vote counts. We go to the polls for elections so why can't they open the polls for major decisions like declaring war, tax changes, social security or unemployment problems, travel bans, dangerous diseases, environmental issues, food such as GMO's, whatever it may be.  Let the people decide.

And now that I've released all my hang ups for the week I realize it might be time for a news withdrawal.  More and more I find myself getting fired up over headlines and stuff I simply have no control over.   Have you seen those shows about people choosing to live off the grid?  I'm thinking they have the right idea.  Not sure I could do it but would be curious to at least try it.

Oh and if we don't talk about this stuff, if we pretend we don't have opinions how can anything change?

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