Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Nervous energy

So I mentioned being nervous yesterday, and it's because Cooper is scheduled to be neutered and chipped today.  Given his early puppy tremors felt a little apprehensive about him having to undergo anesthesia.  Ever since we schedule the appointment a few weeks ago it's basically been at the forefront of my thoughts. Felt rather indecisive about it.

Woke up extra early so he would have time to take a little walk and do his business.  Luckily he was first up so they took him in right in at 8, and by 9:30 I got my call saying everything went well.  Except he had a dental x ray because two baby teeth are still in, turns out there are no adult teeth behind them. It's something we will have to watch.

They even called to say I could pick him up early. Of course the anesthesia still has to wear off, and as it does he is crying a little as well.  Little guy is sleepy yet trying to do his normal activities.  Suppose to be on restricted activities, but trying to keep a puppy from jumping is tough.  He freaked out at the vet basically shaking the e collar off and sending it across the room.  So we got him an inflatable collar.  He's basically napping and resting with the occasion cry mingled in.  Oh how I adore my little guy.

Oh yeah, we had planned to take him together but the man was still conveniently sleeping. First he blamed it on not knowing the appointment time, even though the vet told us and I told him at least a few times.  Next excuse, wanted to know why I didn't wake him up. Maybe because at 38 he should be able to handle that responsibility himself.  Don't know why I'm surprised as the only thing I can depend on him for is to be undependable.  If he were a friends mate I would probably tell them that their guy sounds lazy, selfish and rather irresponsible. True that.

And might as well tell the story as is, if people want me to write warmly about them they should behave better.  That's a mantra to live by, don't you think?  :)

Day was filled with lots of nervous energy, it's amazing what one can actually accomplish in that state. Bunch of errands accomplished including a few new toys for the little guy, cleaned bathroom, some wash and managed to fit in baking some apple crisp. Even had a pleasant conversation with a guy at the gas station about our dogs. After all the ups and downs of the day just want to snuggle and enjoy being home.

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