Monday, October 27, 2014

Monday Musings

It's been perfect Fall weather here in Philadelphia.  Higher 60's with abundant sunshine. Almost too good to be true, as if it's the calm before the artic air or winter storms. ha  Either way I'm trying to appreciate it.

After finding a tick on Cooper Thursday and panicking, Friday spent a few hours cleaning up outside.  Raking leaves feels much like shoveling snow.  But this property has a lot of brush that needs to be cut down.  It's an enormous job.  But long grass and piles of leaves attract ticks something we can't afford.

Been trying to get the man to do more, anything but sit on the couch. We were suppose to carve pumpkins Saturday but he bailed to sit on couch, watch football and tweet. He heard about it, but I had fun carving the pumpkins anyway!

Meanwhile Cooper and I took a walk, decided to go on a different route and he seemed scared.  The barking of another dog caused him to freeze.  At that point we were a little ways from home, so I had to carry him and asked a neighbor if he would mind me jumping their fence to get home quicker.  He didn't mind at all even opened his gate for us.  Had to laugh at how funny it must have looked to the guy. 

Paper work, cleaning up house a little, home made pizza, some outdoor stuff, took up much of the day. Penn State had a big game Saturday night, the man was hogging the big tv so watched it in bed which was actually quite nice. Though a few obvious bad calls by the refs cost Penn State the game. Refs should be held accountable.

Sunday was very windy not a great day to be outside, and so football took up much of the day.  And a tweet of the man's had me shaking my head.  Saw him bragging how we have 8 tv's.  Um what?  We have two, a small and medium one. So of course I had to comment.

He didn't like my comment about our real tv situation so he freaked, he's so afraid his followers will read my blog and stuff about him. ha  Because on this blog I do truth. I'm a firm believer that this world needs more of it.  And he needs to stop pretending to be someone he isn't, just live in truth.

What happened to just being you, if people don't like it they aren't worth knowing or doing business with. Let's face it not everyone is going to like us. Yet there is such beauty in living a honest, truthful life. Knowing people like, and even love you for exactly who you are is priceless.

That's a great thought to leave this Monday with.  Be you!


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