Friday, October 24, 2014


While outside raking, cutting down brush and other overgrown things my thoughts began wandering to things I find hot.  Hot in regards to the opposite sex and relationships. Why that topic entered my mind I'm not so sure.  Maybe because I wished the man was outside working too?  Or maybe it was the topic of hotness on The Talk recently.

Whatever the reasons when I came inside decided to write my thoughts down.  Here are my ideas of hot....

- Hard worker.  Man who gets things done, doesn't procrastinate.  Who does outdoor work, indoor work and everything in between.  He's a doer not a sitter.
-  Romantic. Flowers, cards, candy, little notes or other expressions of love. Being able to express ones feelings and creating romance is hotter than hot.
- Strong, yet sensitive type is so sexy.
- Men who take care of their bodies.  Eat healthy, work out and don't do drugs or drink too much.  Athletic types make me swoon.
- Stylish guy.  Is there anything hotter than a well dressed man?  Mix of  preppy meet surfer.  Yum.
- Unselfish.  You know they grasp the meaning of love when they are willing to put your needs before their own.  And go out of their way to make you happy without expecting anything in return. That's down right sizzling.
- Kind. Who ever said nice guys finish last must have not been a nice guy. How else could that be explained? Nice guys are the ultimate hottie!
- Conversationalist.  Someone that can hold a conversation on various topics whether deep or silly is awesome in my book. Because if you can't truly talk to someone what's the point?
- Affection. Kisses, hugs, holding hands and snuggles are what makes the world go round.
- Spiritual with beliefs that really mean something to him. Throw in some good virtues and that's smoking.
- Wait I cannot forget dependable, loyal or honest. There's nothing like knowing someone has your back and you can count on matter where, when or how.  Hot tamales!

Probably a bunch more I'm overlooking but got to go with first thoughts. 

What's your idea of hot?

 Oh yeah and David Beckham. :)

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