Friday, October 31, 2014


Halloween always brings mixed emotions.  Think the dressing up part is fun but never enjoyed the giving out candy aspect.  If trick or treaters could be trusted I'd just leave a big bowl of candy outside for kids to pick from without having to actually stand at the door giving it out.

It's not like I'm a shy person, quite the opposite but there's something about the holiday that tends to freaks me out a little. ha  Maybe if I dressed up to give out candy I would like it more, who knows.  As I get older think I'd just prefer to spend it with my niece.  There is nothing like seeing it from a kids perspective and being around the excitement they feel!

Mr Cooper and I browsed costumes trying to pick something fun for him. We thought a hotdog would be a perfect fit.  Here is our little hotdog, who is hoping for some treats!

Happy Halloween!

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