Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Woof Wednesday

Welcome to Woof Wednesday. Please meet some great dogs from CA, GA, NJ, NY, PA, TX and WI all in need of good, loving homes!

Marley is a Terrier mix who hasn't exactly had an easy life. She would like nothing more than someone to simply give her a little attention, care and love.  Please lets find her a loving home!

 Marley A4478356 - Gardena, CA

Los Angeles County Animal Control - Carson
216 West Victoria Street
Gardena, CA 90248
(310) 523-9566

 Jerry is another Terrier mix who would like nothing better than to find a home where he can receive lots of care and love.  Please lets find him a great home!

Jerry - Gardena, CA

 Los Angeles County Animal Control - Carson
216 West Victoria Street
Gardena, CA 90248
(310) 523-9566


Senior pups Daisy and her best friend Lilly are real heart breakers.  Daisy is Chocolate Labrador Retriever Shepard mix  and Lily is a Belgian Shepard Sheep dog. They remind us all of our family dogs growing up those mythical perfect mutts that love those who care for them, are gentle to each other, and want nothing more than a little attention and a good dinner. Did we mention they are house trained? And good with children. Quite simply, they are a perfect pair looking to live out their golden years in peace, and we bet they both have more than a few happy years to enjoy. Daisy is super gentle Lab mix that simply radiates that special sort of canine compassion that we only see in the movies.Lilly is a gorgeous Belgian Shepherd with a puppy's love of toys and a grown up sense of decorum. I If you are looking for a couple of gals who will make you feel pretty special Daisy and Lilly might just be the ones for you. Please lets find them a good home!

Daily and Lily - Atlanta, GA


LifeLine Animal Project
PO Box 15466
Atlanta, GA 30333


Snowball is Bichon Frise mix. He is a little boy filled with fun and love. Extremely cuddly, but also ready to go with lots of energy and a love for playing. Snowball gets along well with other dogs and is good with cats. He seems like he would be good with children as well. Snowball is a great dog, who loves to eat, run and lay next to you on the couch for a nap. He is excellent in his crate and rusn right in when you open the door. He's the perfect dog for just about any home and hopes you'll think so too!. Please lets find him a loving home!

Snowball - Gibbstown, NJ

South Jersey Rescue
128 Adalisa Ave
Gibbstown, NJ 08027

Colton is an adorably sweet & silly 4 mo Dachshund/Lab mix. I'm currently 15 lbs of happy joy energy. he is very energetic and  loves to zoom around the yard. He's good with all the dogs hes met but  may be a little to energetic for toddlers but fine with young energetic kids ages 7yrs+. He has not met any cats yet but sure  loves to chase them. Since he's a pup he will need structured daily exercise and basic leash and obedience training. He's just starting to get house trained. He would love to be with another playful dog and have a big yard to run around in. If you're an active person or family and can keep up with an energetic pup he would be perfect for you. Please lets find him a great home!
Colton - Staten Island, NY

Tails of Love Animal Rescue, Inc.
Staten Island, NY 10302
 Big Boy, aka BB, is an adult Beagle available for adoption. He is approximately 5 years old, neutered and tested positive for heartworm and Lyme. He is being treated for both at this time. BB is fostered with a small, 20 lb. dog and several cats. He has not met children. BB was turned in to animal control due to his previous owner having too many animals. He most likely came from a backyard breeding situation. He is very shy and timid, but is coming around and learning to trust his foster mom. He has come leaps and bounds since his first day in foster. He now sits for treats, eats all of his meals and, most importantly, wags his tail.  He is very sweet and will need a home where he can flourish. He will need a loving and understanding human to help him continue to come out of his shell. He can be a goof at times hopping around like a bunny, rolling in the grass and even trotting around the back yard. BB's foster mom is working with him in regards to house and crate training. He is doing well with both. He now goes in his crate on his own and only has a few accidents in the house. He would do best with someone who will continue to use the crate (not as punishment) and who can keep a watchful eye on him to prevent accidents. If you're looking for unconditional love and a dog that knows he's now in a better place consider him.  Please lets find him a good home!

Big Boy - Philadelphia, PA

Northeast Animal Rescue
Po Box 52395
Philadelphia, PA 19115


 Orchid is a Shetland Sheepdog / Cavalier King Charles Spaniel mix.  She is 2 years old and 20 lbs.
She is just like the flower, precious and delicate and a beautiful sight to behold. She doesn't really understand why she ended up at the pound.  She had a problem with her eye, but the nice people from Red Collar Rescue assured her that was no reason to be cast away. They took her to see a vet who said it was glaucoma, and so now she is being treated for it. She is blind in one eye but no worries, she gets around just fine. She is sweet and likes to be in a house, with a nice, soft place to rest. If you take her out for a walk she will be beaming with pride to walk with you. She likes her toys, and won't eat your shoe. She will always try her best to make you smile. Hope you will come  meet her to see how much fun she is.  Please lets find her a loving home!

Orchid - Houston, TX

Red Collar Rescue
Houston, TX 77002

Lucky is a 11 year old Cocker Spaniel. He is a private surrender as his owners were working long hours. Lucky is on the chunky side and came in at 49 lbs. He is losing weight but still has a ways to go. This sweet boy is house trained and sleeps on his foster moms bed. Lucky gets along with the other foster dogs, likes to ride in the van, doesn't play with toys and likes people. Please lets find him a great home!

Lucky -  Twin Lakes, WI

Shorewood Cocker Rescue, Inc.
Box 584
Twin Lakes, WI 53181

No paw left behind our mission!

{Please keep in mind a dog is lifetime commitment. They need attention, love and time just like we do. In addition, adding a pet to the family does cost money in the way of food, health care, training,etc. So before adopting make sure you are willing to make that kind of commitment and have the resources to do so.}

If you want to be a part of Woof Wednesdays email Ann Michele, Lauren or leave a comment. Or simply start posting about dogs in need of a home on your blog or facebook page!

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