Sunday, September 7, 2014

Soul Sunday

Allow your creativity to blossom.  For too long you have held back. For too long you have limited your natural creative leanings and talents.  Maybe someone told you you couldn't create or being creative wasn't worthwhile. maybe you started telling yourself that. 

You are creative. You have a creative self within that wants to play, wants to be let loose, wants to create.  Set that part of you free. Let yourself play....with life, with work, with projects. 

Make a list of all the negative things you believe about your creative abilities....what you think, what you've been told and what you tell yourself.  Then burn it.  Now make a new list of all the things that are true, or that you believe could be true, or that you want to be true.  Let go of all the blocks.  Write down that you are creative, that you can create and that you're connected to the creative force of the universe.

When you find your connection to creativity, the entire universe will come alive for you.  It will help you, guide you, inspire you. You will find yourself imagining something, then being lead right down a path that will help you create it.  When you don't know what to do next, you can listen to your heart and let God and the universe guide you.

Creativity is the inherent nature of the world, the universe.  The universe creates. And the universe needs your help in creating. Creating brings you into harmony with the universe, God, yourself and the rhythm of life.

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