Monday, September 8, 2014

Monday Musings

Well the weekend was rather mellow, as was most of the week.  After the dog attack my body needed time to heal as everything was pretty much bruised and sore.  Everyone gave me a lot of advice about how to handle it, but instead of filing police report I chose to write a heartfelt letter to the owners of the dog.  Not sure how they will feel nor respond but guess we wait and see.

Football has started, which means the man is engrossed even further in front of the tv. He doesn't just watch his teams play he has to watch every college and nfl game on.  Plus all the other sports that are on as well.  I mainly like to watch my teams. And if there is a really good match up than that game too.  Speaking of my teams....all my favorites won this weekend.  Penn State, Eagles and Falcons....can I get a holla?! ha (yes that Big Brother show on cbs, and it's holla moments appear to be rubbing off)

Meanwhile, twitter seems filled with headlines.  The Baltimore Ravens let Rice go and NFL has suspended him indefinitely.  If you haven't see the video google it or just go over to TMZ site, either way I warn you it's hard to watch.  It's disgusting to see a man knock out his fiance like that, worst yet he doesn't  try to help her up or even get help.

She went on to marry Rice which has stirred up controversy in itself. Many question did she marry him out of love, fear or for the money and lifestyle he could give her.  People can't fathom marrying an individual who treated them that way but no one but them knows the complete truth.  It brings up some much needed discussion on the topic of domestic abuse and violence though.  Enough is enough we cannot let this happen in our women, to men, to children.  How can we support victims of domestic violence?  How can we get the abusers the help they need as well,  is it possible for them to change their violent ways?

Meanwhile continuing what seems like a sports theme today, Penn State has officially been allowed to participate in bowl games again.  And will be given back it's scholarships.  For Penn State fans it's great news but not sure the public will feel okay with it.  I'm okay with it as I don't think the players should have been punished for the mistakes of a few bad men.

And one other note.  New Jersey governor Christie issued a statement saying casinos and racetracks in New Jersey could participate in sports gambling. That's huge for a crumbling Atlantic City, and it may just be enough to help turn the city around.  For the over 3000 people who have lost their jobs due to casinos closing it's much needed good news.

Though I don't gamble and think its a waste of money, the fact remains that people gamble whether it's legal or not.  In a few states sports gambling is already legal.  If it creates more jobs and revitalizes Atlantic City it might be a good thing.  Honestly though I'd kick the man's butt to the curb if I caught him gambling!  Should I rephrase that as I don't want anyone to think kicking another is okay.  Ugh in this day and age you have to watch what you say because everyone loves to misconstrue words. Nothing is a joke. ha

Anyone reading this who isn't a sports fan is probably a sleep by now.  Wake up.  My advice this Monday is get out there and stand up for what you believe.  Let your voice be heard. We don't have to agree with others, even disagreeing can be enlightening as sometimes just sharing different thoughts and ways can open not only others minds but ours as well.

By the way, did I mention Cooper worn his sister's jersey for the Eagle's game.  Brings tears to my eyes just thinking about my little girl but have to believe she is here in spirit.  And hopefully he made her proud!

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