Monday, September 29, 2014

Monday Musings

Hard to believe it's Monday already.  Weekends seem to go by so fast.  The weather warmed up has been beautiful.  All weekend sunny, warm and in the 80's.  Makes you wish it could stay like this year round.

Friday we went out to dinner.  It was that or a Phillies game.  But the man's allergies have been out of hand lately, even with allergy meds thought it might not be the smartest thing to sit outside for a few hours. Applebees has some new 2 for 20 deal so the man suggested we try it.  The food choices were okay though they could still add more to the menu. With the 2 for 20 deals the menu choices are limited.

Though Applebees added a little computer to each table that allows customers to pay .99 to play various unlimited games.  Everything from trivia to dating games.  It made waiting for our food fun. In fact we were still playing them as we ate dinner and even into dessert.  For dessert we had cinnamon coated pretzel bites with a maple cream cheese dipping sauce that was delicious.  And a waiter who sounded exactly like Jonah Hill, he said he's been told that before.

Saturday involved girls day with my mother, niece and sister.  Lunch at Kitchen Bar which is a great restaurant that offers a lot of healthy choices, and even breakfast dishes until mid afternoon. Then off to the mall. But my niece wasn't successful in finding new Fall clothes as most of the stores still have short sleeve summer clothes, and the ones that did have warmer type clothing were too expensive for a child's budget.

Overall the day involved many laughs and pure silliness. Of course plenty of goofy photos too. There is nothing better than being around people who you can just be yourself with.  It all capped off with a pizza dinner at our house, which even my dad enjoyed.  And played some Heads Up on the phone which is a really fun game for a group.  The man was watching football at a friends so he wasn't around for all the fun.

Sunday was all about giving Cooper a bath, cleaning house, watching football and home cooking.

Meanwhile today is about catching up on all those things I occasionally put off.  Like balancing check books, going through the hundreds of photos I take, organizing the office, following up on calls, writing letters.  The little odds and end stuff that can get overlooked. 

Some of my favorite photos from the weekend.

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