Monday, September 22, 2014

Monday Musings

This Monday involved errands, cleaning and playing.  Basically tore apart the bedroom as it needed a deep clean. Of course in process of cleaning slammed lower leg into dryer and then had the vacuum fall down the steps right onto my wrist bone. Lets just say I sustained some nice bruises. We do not have enough ice packs for all the injuries I've been accruing.

Saturday involved a visit to the pet store to pick up food and let the little guy socialize.  He loves to interact with both dogs and people.  It's really cute to watch.  The man and I were suppose to shop for sheets, as the polo steal of a deal sheets we bought a few years ago developed a huge hole.  But as is the norm lately he didn't want to go. So shared some words of wisdom "you can sit on the couch at 80 you need to get out and live now." Pretty sure he ignored the advice. ha

Sunday my mother and I went to watch my niece play soccer and softball.  The games happened to be back to back. And the weather was perfect 80 degrees, partly sunny with some humidity.  It's always great getting to spend time with family. We brought Cooper too.  The pet stroller comes in very handy for such events.  When he gets tired or too hot he can seek shade by napping in the stroller.  Plus it allows me to push him farther distances than he can walk and store stuff in bottom and top compartments.  Even has two cup holders.

Of course the girls loved him.  They all came over to meet him, he was very happy to receive all the attention.  By the time we got home he was exhausted. He got a bath, ate dinner and slept the rest of the night.

What's amazing is how crazy some parents get at games for six year olds.  There was a father sitting next to me that spent most his time criticizing his little girl.  And when she started crying because she was tired, she had played soccer game prior to the softball, he had the nerve to say she was an embarrassment.  And then after some unkind words to his wife they got in a fight. Honestly this guy was a douche bag and you could tell his wife was embarrassed.  What should have been a fun day for his kids and wife turned into anything but for that family.

At any age, but especially six, no boy or girl should feel the pressure of having to play perfectly.  They should simply be allowed to play at their own pace and have fun.  Too many parents try to live through their kids these days, instead of just letting kids be who they are and do what they want to do and truly love.  If only parents could see how detrimental they can be to their kids. How something kids love or enjoy can turn into something they dislike with too much pressure, criticism or pushing from parents or other loved ones. Anyway....

Overall a great weekend.  But just wish the man would take an interest in more than sitting on couch.  His lack of enthusiasm for anything but watching tv and sports is taking a toll.  But decided just because he's turned into a couch potato doesn't mean I have to.  Although as a friend pointed out  what's the point of being with someone if they never want to do anything, true.  Just a thought. So I'm thinking of making a list of sorts of the things I really want to do, then doing them with or without him.  

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