Monday, September 15, 2014

Monday Musings

This weekend consisted of hanging with family on Saturday, cleaning and watching football on Sunday.  Overall nothing too crazy yet during my morning yoga I had a lot of trouble staying focused.  My mind seemed to wander to a million different thoughts.  Some times I wonder if there will ever be a time in my life where I don't feel stress, or is stress just a normal part of life?  Seems like it's always there.

It felt frustrating to let stress interfere like that, especially in what normally is a relaxing state. Learning how to deal with, handle and process stress is almost a necessity of sorts in our world today.  But the how can be a difficult process to master.  Letting thoughts go, not letting them control or overwhelm us can be tricky.

Eckhart Tolle author of The Power of Now believes that all stress comes from resisting the present moment. Stress is about wanting the moment to be different than what it is. He says to accept the moment, not resist it. That when you accept what is, you are grateful for whatever situation arises. It makes complete sense now if only I could put it into practice.  Think he has some great points as much of my stress lies in wanting the present to be different, or even at times worrying about the future.

Truth is, there just feels like a lot to figure out. Especially when it comes to income and generating more. Working for someone else is much easier than working on your own for many reasons such as....stable income, guaranteed weekly pay, good benefits, less taxes taken out, paid vacation, etc.. The dizzy spells really put a wrench into my aspirations, caused me to have to seek a different path.  One in which I have yet to fully figure out how to master.  There are still quite a few obstacles that stand in the way.  And at times not exactly something that's easy for me to understand let alone others.

And truth is even though the man is in the recovery phase of everything now, there have been things over the previous few months that have made me question his resolve.  In fact, more than just his resolve but his character, and even values.  There's a sense of conflicted emotions some days. Wonder am I truly listening to my heart, or trying to conform to an image or idea of what I desire but may not truly have yet.  And does that even make sense.

The most important questions I find myself asking lately is....Am I truly happy?  Is daily life fun?  Am I loved in the ways I need and want to be?  In what ways can I make a difference and/or help others? 

Questions that we should probably all be asking ourselves on a frequent basis.  Life changes and so do we, the answers of today may not be the same tomorrow. Suppose all we can keep doing is asking the questions, and making sure we like the answers if not than having the courage to make some changes. 

Maybe a little too deep for a Monday but nonetheless that's where my thoughts are.  And all those thoughts have exhausted us....


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