Monday, September 1, 2014

Monday Musings

It's hard to believe Labor Day is upon us, summer seemed to go fast.  Though with the cooler weather, at times it didn't even feel like summer.  It appears we are making up for that though as the heat has arrived and looks like it may be here to stay for awhile. Yesterday with humidity it felt like 95!

We have not even been to the beach yet.  Beaches in the Jersey area are not dog friendly during the summer season.  Most only allow dogs from October until April.  Given our little guy is still rather young I didn't feel comfortable leaving him with a pet sitter.  And the idea of him sitting in a strange hotel room while we hang at the beach all day wasn't all that appealing either.  So hopefully we can all spend some time at the beach when he is officially allowed with us. In the mean time though I have total beach envy.

We did go to Olive Garden for dinner last night.  I'm obsessed with their salad, soup and bread sticks.  Our experience was rather crazy.  First our waitress shattered a glass behind my seat and under our table yet no one ever came to clean it up.  Then our waitress while carrying a huge load of filled drinks for another table caved under the weight and landed on the floor with everything all over her.  She pretty much went in the kitchen area and did not return for over 20 minutes.  Needless to say we felt bad as she was obviously not having a good night.  I asked if she was okay, she said yes but that she was very embarrassed.  Overall it was a rather interesting date night.

The week was rather busy had list of things to get done, and happily seemed to accomplish everything on it. Also been having pain and an uncomfortable feeling in my abdomen, so the doctor sent me for an ultra sound.  Oh the joys of being a woman.  Think my hormones might just be imploding. Whatever it is, must admit that some days I have felt down right cranky.  Which is not something I'm used to feeling.  Hopefully things will work themselves out because it's driving me crazy.  Men are so lucky they don't have to deal with the ups and downs of hormones!

On another note, we have been watching American Ninja Warrior on Monday nights.  It's really amazing to see what some people can athletically do.  There is something inspiring about the show as well, this season some girls even completed the course for the first time which was awesome.

It makes me want to start training to compete.  Even though I don't think my body could handle the training on that level it has me thinking that I need to get back to working out on a level that would be suitable for me at least.   I do yoga three times a week, with the dizziness issues I've had to make some changes in poses but  enjoy it.  Would like to find something that would add more core work and strength as well.  Curious if any one else watches American Ninja Warrior, and has it inspired you in any way?

Of course this little guy inspires me as well, today we are simply going to enjoy this warm weather by snuggling on the porch and breathing in nature.

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  1. I've watched American Ninja Warrior. Seems it's always on in the summer, although lately we haven't had the tv on as much to catch it. It's crazy what they can do. I love the back stories on the people and then cheering them on. Kinda reminds me of the Olympics. The Olive Garden story is crazy! I feel for that girl. That sounds funny, but miserable.


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