Tuesday, September 9, 2014


Lately I find myself asking for guidance.  Guidance not just in one area but all areas.  In some way think I'm hoping for such a moment of clarity, maybe even signs that would be impossible to misread.  You know those type of defining moments where you just know....know exactly what you should do.

When I was younger many of my decisions seemed impulsive, not that it was all bad but it also didn't always lead me to make the greatest decisions either.  And there seemed to have been plenty of moments that left me questioning what I should do.  Those type moments, where I literally don't know what to do and don't exactly feel guided by intuition either, drive me crazy. 

And that's how I have been feeling for awhile.  That sense of just not being sure which direction to move, or for that matter what to even do.  Sounds vague I know but that's how certain aspects of life feel too.

Which sometimes leads to thinking too much, yet still not knowing any of the answers or right direction to move.

As I get older find myself trying to place my trust in God more.  Trying to ask for more guidance from him.  But then sometimes I feel like my faith waivers when the answers don't come as hoped, or shall I say in the way or time frame I hoped. Think a part of me expects the seas to part and heavens to shine upon with all the guidance and wisdom I seek. Honestly at times that's probably what it takes to get through to me. :)

Yet something also tells me I must just trust that the guidance I am seeking will come in it's own time and maybe even when it's meant to.

 And sometimes we just have to follow the path that feels the most right.

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