Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Everyone Has A Story

Few weeks ago I mentioned about being attacked by a dog while walking mine.  How I decided to write a letter to the owners because felt the dog was more rambunctious than say vicious. Well upon receiving receiving the letter, the owner of the dog called me and we actually had a good conversation.  That's when you quickly realize that every one has a story, and sometimes before judging a situation it's best to learn more first.

The owner of the dog used to live next door to the family she is staying with now.  Turns out she is going through a bitter divorce, and after moving out of the house her husband basically had her evicted as well.  When she had no where else to go her neighbors graciously took her in.  Her dog Dakota has only recently come to live with them after being kept in a garage by her cruel, vindictive husband.  The dog was constantly kept in the garage and well overall not treated humanely. On top of it the dog was not spayed, and at the time of the attack was in heat. She was actually due to be spayed the next day.

So it explains it a lot, especially why the dog acted as it did. She went on to explain that they are trying to basically rehab the dog after it's traumatic treatment by her former husband.  That she has warned the kids and family she lives with repeatedly to not let the dog in the backyard with close supervision.  But as kids would have it they did not do that the night we encountered poor Dakota.  Hopefully they learned their lesson.  If not than guessing a letter probably won't solve any future crisis.

Thing is had I not taken the time to write a honest, sincere letter voicing my concerns I would have never learned the why behind the whole situation.  Sometimes knowing the why can not only open our minds but change our opinions as well.  While it may not always make situations right, it can expand our minds, souls and help teach us valuable lessons in the process. 

And while stories may change, truth is everyone has a story. 


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