Tuesday, September 16, 2014

A Ladder, Freak and Ice

What do you do when you hit your head on a heavy ladder that should have been moved weeks ago?  Of course you freak out on the person who procrastinated moving it. But then you come to find out that freaking out actually gets the ladder moved.  Go figure. And then you grab an ice pack for the egg size welt on your head.

Living with a procrastinator is often challenging.  As adults we should only have to be asked something once before it gets done, but with the man that is not always how it works. Some say don't bother to nag let him suffer the consequences of procrastinating.  But when certain things affect me too it's impossible to do, seems only way to light a fire under his butt. That's what happens when opposites live together. ha

So as I sit with ice on my head from the dang ladder I'm beginning to think opposites may attract but it can lead to one welt of a headache and a freak out or two. Oh and a not so great image captured of me pouting with the ice pack, which I will probably regret posting tomorrow. ha


  1. Ouch! : (

    I love the new layout! :)

  2. I love blog posts that are the "in the moment" kind. Feel better!


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