Monday, August 25, 2014

Monday Musings

This Monday I spent with my favorite niece.  There is nothing like the perspective of a six year old.  And if one really has the patience to listen to what they say, to their questions, ideas, thoughts and so on, sometimes not even what they have to say but the things they say through even just their can be so enlightening, grounding and help you understand what really matters.

One particular moment touched my heart....while playing Candy Land and basically not winning a round, my niece switches her piece with mine.  At that point she was way ahead of me. And she says to me "so you can win this time".  Thought to myself she gets it, something many adults don't even get. 

She wanted me to experience the happy feeling she got when she won.  She was willing to put aside her own happiness to allow me to feel happy.  It was a lovely moment.  She didn't even know that just playing the game with her was my happiness.  :)

Yeah I could go on about the previous week, all the work I did or how I spent the weekend helping my parents get up to date on the latest technology but I'm not. 

Instead I simply ask if your reading this, pass the happiness forward.  Put aside your happiness, or don't worry about it for a moment and just go make some one else happy. 

Sometimes happiness is all about the little things...

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