Monday, August 18, 2014

Monday Musings

So far this summer has been rather cool, cool enough to make it feel like early Fall.  The flowers and vegetables are not liking the cooler temperatures.  Instead of flourishing in the cooler temperatures they are floundering.  Lack of heat and sun has caused less blooms, smaller plants and not as many vegetables to pick.  The hydrangeas haven't even bloomed, and many of the butterfly bushes haven't either.  While other years there were plenty of flowers to pick this summer there's been none. The trees are even starting to lose their leaves. As a person who looks forward to all the various blooms of summer it's been disappointing.

While the change of seasons is nice, sometimes when a season doesn't full bloom either it can make the others feel long. Such as this Winter it stretched on so long that not only was every one stir crazy but there wasn't much of a Spring. Without much of a typical Spring or Summer this warm weather, summer loving girl has been feeling out of sorts. Which is a good analogy for life right now as well.

There's a lot I've been doing, working on, contemplating....some of which has been paying off, some of which hasn't yet.  Yet is key as I keep trying any way.  Some of the feeling out of sorts may be physical stuff which has been weighing me down in ways.  And some involves the fact that there's so much more I want to be doing that I'm not.  So much more I want to experience.  At times a feeling of envy overwhelms when I see others doing what I wish to be doing.  Yet also a feeling of impatience as I try to deal with and/or remove those things standing in the way of getting to where I want to be and fulfilling those dreams.

But I also want to make sure to appreciate the moment, to be grateful for the special things that already fill my life as well.  That's equally as important.

Even this cool weather, though it's not producing the blooms and vegetables I had hoped for the breezes feel refreshing.  The opportunity to sleep listening to nature instead of the humming of the a/c is nice as well.

This Monday I know that the most important thing is to keep working toward those dreams and desires. No matter how small the steps may feel what matters is simply taking them.  And even though the hydrangeas never bloomed this summer, other flowers have and for that I'm grateful.

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