Monday, August 4, 2014

Monday Musings

Hard to believe Monday is here already, let alone we are half way through summer!

The weekend was nice. Went to lunch at Olive Garden with my mother, then spent the day relaxing on porch.  Who doesn't love their soup and salad. Though cannot believe the restaurant discontinued their Italian sodas. Their vanilla Italian soda is the best. Why is it places bring out new items only to get people hooked and then discontinue them?

Sunday did some stuff around the house, spent time with Cooper and simply enjoyed the quietness of the house.  I wanted to savor every quiet moment.

During the week even got to spend time with my niece and sister.

The man went home to Long Island for the weekend, it kind of felt like a mini vacation. Being around any one 24/7 isn't always easy, people need their own space some times. So getting a break from the constant rambling of the tv felt nice.

Interesting as the man complained about how his sister takes over main room in their family's house basically sleeping all day. Yet in ways it reminds me of him, he takes over main room in our house watching tv all day.  When I tried to explain to him that he has a tendency to judge others instead of being more understanding of others struggles well it came out wrong. Leading to an argument of sorts where nothing pretty was said.  Just think he wants others to be compassionate and understanding of him but often times isn't willing to show same consideration back. Anyway....

Today it's back to the usual. And I'm starting to realize that the usual needs to change up a little.  Change is good some times, but change is hard isn't it?  Though we may want certain things to change, we don't want all things to and sometimes it truly isn't even in our control. (for instance some health issues)  Yet some times even one change can cause a domino affect of sorts, which can hold us back from making changes. We'll see.

Did I mention I've been spending a lot of time with this little guy lately?

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