Monday, July 7, 2014

Monday Musings

This Monday involved full house cleaning and two vet visits. Those vet visits left me feeling rather nervous. Now I'm craving some quiet moments and maybe real sleep not the toss, turn kind I've been experiencing lately. While it's nice to have some one next to you at night there are moments where I think sleep just isn't as deep when sharing a bed with another human.

All week we had some very hot weather followed by some strong storms.  Those storms brought a much cooler,windy fourth though at least the sun eventually came out. The holiday involved a family party that was lots of fun.  Saturday worked around house. Sunday played some competitive mini golf. Overall something left me feeling rather perplexed as well. Ever have one of those moments where you are just not sure if everything is truly as it seems? But that's for another day.

Here is my favorite photo of the party.  We love to play!

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