Monday, July 28, 2014

Monday Musings

Some how Mondays are turning into major cleaning days.  And that is exactly how I spent my day.  Took it one step further than just cleaning decided to tackle the office closest.  Kept putting it off as it's piled high with stuff we just don't know where to store.  Move one thing and everything pretty much falls.  So I spent a good two hours just going through it. 

While I would rather have a smaller home and live simply, which would be much easier to clean. I realized that with all our stuff and the man's obsession with tv we ideally need a big home.  Or maybe just one with a big finished basement.  If the man weren't home 24/7 constantly watching tv I might never have realized this. Though his lack of motivation is more likely to get us a shack than a mansion. :)

Sunday we had crazy storms, with intense lightning that seemed to linger for hours. Come evening as we were watching tv Cooper started crying.  Since we had taken him out 15 minutes prior we didn't think he had to pee, but pee he did.  He jumped down from the top of the couch and sprayed away.   Yet again the couch was covered in pee. You think we would learn but it's hard to resist letting him on the couch when he looks at us with those big, brown eyes.

When I took him outside he continue to go.  In fact he peed at least five times.  We think it was because he had to poo.  As in the middle of all the peeing he must have pooped four times.  Not sure the little piece of banana we gave him agreed with his puppy tummy.  Luckily when the storms really heated up he had calmed down.  Nothing like having a puppy during a storm, when he hears the thunder he wants to dart in not do his business.

Saturday spent the day shopping with my mother.  It's always great getting to spend time with family.  Though since the man was not picking up his phone we had to get home to check on Cooper.  Turns out he was outside cleaning his car. He didn't even realize Cooper had to be feed. Men!

Since I started a million and one projects today need to finish them up.  Just too tired to think about including a photo, the thought of uploading one to the blog is making me sleepy. ha

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