Monday, July 21, 2014

Monday Musings

This Monday I'm feeling rather exhausted. Have a list of things that need to get accomplished but the tiredness has me in slow mo past few days. For some reason once we put in the window a/c unit in bedroom the sound disrupts my sleep.  I'm not the type that can sleep with any kind of noise. Think I need to live in a remote area with no sounds but that of nature.

Of course today wasn't exactly slow mo....moved the furniture in our main room so I could clean the hard wood floor really good.  And then everything pretty much got cleaned including Cooper. Raked  tree bark which strangely enough falls off the trees each year covering everything in bark.  The list was a long one today.

At least the man stepped up and cleaned shower yesterday which was covered in mold.  Our shower upstairs is tiny with a slopped ceiling, there is just not enough air flow so it gets moldy fast.  And cleaning it is difficult. So him cleaning it not only surprised me but made me happy as well!

When it comes to the man never know when he says he is going to do something if it will happen or not. He talks a lot but doesn't follow through...he says he will make dinner, do dishes, watch the dog, help clean, address bills, etc, but when it comes to actually doing it he isn't exactly dependable. And dependable is important. Anyway....

Cooper also had to get his shots too.  Everyone at the vet makes a huge fuss over him and not sure he even understands why yet.  Even the receptionists ask if they can hold him.  He pretty much wants nothing to do with the exam but loves the pepperoni treats they give him.

Saturday we went out to dinner, it felt so good not to have to cook. And be out without the tv as a distraction.  Although it wasn't without a little craziness.  As the first place we chose we ended up walking out of something we have never done before.  Our waiter from the get go was very rude, think he was offended we didn't order wine or some kind of drink. Our soda order seemed too plain for him.  So a server brought us our drinks, and the waiter well he never returned. 

The waiter flitted around to other tables, talking to patrons and taking orders. We sat with closed menus for over 25 minutes while the waiter looked our way but he never came over. When a table who arrived 15 minutes after us got their order taken that was enough for me.  Basically looked at the man and said we are out of here.  And was we were leaving I explained to the owner what happened but he didn't seem to care. Everyone in the place seemed to much older, we almost felt like we were being age discriminated or something.  It was like something out of the twilight zone. So San Marcos of Ambler will never get our business again.  So we happened to find the Allegra an Italian eatery on our way home and gave it a go. Turned out to be a delicious meal and nice environment. 

Sunday not even sure where the day went. Was so tire things seem like a blur.  Luckily the man helped with dinner and grilled us pork chops alongside my garlic mash potatoes. Yeah!

And honestly I've exhausted myself this Monday, sometimes if I get too tired the dizziness occurs more. Trying to type this post I've encountered a few dizzy spells so think that's enough for now.  Here's us from the restaurant we liked, they had this beautiful fish tank. Even though the photo makes it hard to see the colorful beauty of the fish.

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  1. Looks like a fun date. Hope you're getting some rest and feeling better.


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