Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Monday Musings

Mondays seem so busy lately that by the time I get around to writing I feel too frazzled to even recall the week.

Yesterday we spent the day at the my family's with my niece who asked if Cooped could come over and play.  Of course he wanted to as she is his favorite cousin.  Anytime you put together a six year old and puppy expect it to be a little chaotic as you try to keep track of what everyone is doing!

It is very hot and humid here, and my family's central air conditioner is out of commission.  As long as we stayed outside where there was a nice breeze it didn't feel as hot.  Of course a cold shower upon arriving home felt great.

Otherwise just been doing a lot of cleaning up around here as lets just say Cooper isn't exactly picking up house training as quickly as Angel did.  And the man doesn't exactly understand all the work that goes into training a puppy.  Puppies requires attention, when you let them out of crate you can't just work on computer or lay on couch, you have to constantly interact and watch them. House training is not always an easy process.

Meanwhile, trying to convince the man he doesn't need to watch tv 24/7.  Literally it's first thing he does upon waking in morning and thing just runs all day.  We have had a few interesting conversations, and I'm truly hoping we might be able to change up things for the better but we'll see. 

With all this hot, humid weather there have been a lot of storms as well.  Our lawn is scattered with the debris.  Such a strange sensation when you have really high humidity because everything feels so damp, then when it rains nothing seems to dry out.  But the humidity is good for one thing the skin.  I prefer that dewy feeling over the dried out one of winter.

Time to get to work cleaning up the messes over here!

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