Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Letters and Conversations

Maybe I'm simply old school, then again I did grow up in an era where we wrote letters not emails. And could only reach people through their home land lines, and if we were lucky they had an answering machine we could leave a message on if they weren't home.

All that changed with the invention of computers and cell phones.

I'm shocked at the number of people on their phones while driving, every day I see people driving down our street looking down at their phones while texting.  People in parking lots trying to fit in a space while holding their phones in one hand and yapping away. Or people out with others but instead of focusing on the moment they are too busy looking at their phones.  Can no one do anything without constantly being on or looking at their phones?

Lets not forget about email which can now not only be checked on our computers but phones too.  Everyone is pretty much accessible and connected 24 hours a day.  Yet the more we are connected in reality we become disconnected.

It puzzles me why in an age where people check email daily and basically shower with their cell phones why it feels so hard to actually reach people. Truly connecting with others seems at an all time low.  Texts will never feel as personal as a phone conversation, and email will never feel as heartfelt as a hand written card or letter. What's even more crazy is calling or texting people these days and not getting a response, especially when you know the phone is most likely glued to that persons side. ha

Worst yet is when you take the time to send a card, write a heart felt letter and don't hear a word back from the person you gave it to.  It's hard to believe a person can't find a few minutes in a day to not only read it but acknowledge they received it.  Or worst yet might be the people who can't even read the letter because they are too busy doing much of nothing on their phones or computers. What is becoming of our world?  Along with this age of cell phones and computers it often feels people are just becoming more disconnected and maybe even zoned out.

Honestly think life was easier before cell phones and computers.  And if I had to choose I'd rather go back to the days before they existed.  Where people had time to focus on each other, to hold real conversations that didn't involve fake lol but real laughing and involved no outside distractions, a time where cards and handwritten letters meant something.

Sometimes just because things progress doesn't always mean it's a good progression.

Oh how I miss good old fashioned letters, and real, soulful conversations before the age of cell phones and computers made people seem more like machines. Yes I know there are still people who desire those old fashioned things as well, but they just seem less and less as time goes on.


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