Thursday, June 19, 2014

Reflections and Reminiscing

Do you ever reflect back to what your dreams were, and what they are now?  Or where you thought you would be, compared to where you are at?  Lately I have been in such a reflecting state.

Can't say I was one of those people who had some big plan.  You know the type that makes the 5, 10 or even 15 year goals.  Though looking back there are moments I think maybe that would have provided more structure, a path of sorts to follow.  Then again is there ever such a thing as a path that doesn't have detours in life?

Suppose instead of having plans, I had an idea of sorts of where I might like to be.  When I was very young were talking high school, college years I envisioned a big house, lots of luxury stuff, athletic/hot much as I hate to admit it my focus seemed more on superficial things.

As I got older or maybe just grew up that changed more to owning a charming modest home, being married to my soul mate, finding a career I love and traveling the world.  Started to imagine a cottage  home by the sea, filled with treasures from all the travels I would be going on.  Dreamed of exploring the world with my soul mate.  My soul mate, oh don't get me started... I imagined him as very athletic, kind, loving, deep, thoughtful, passionate, romantic, intelligent, hard working, sharing the same beliefs/morals as me,  honest, someone who didn't smoke or do drugs, soulful, some one who shared similar dreams and with whom I could engage in all kinds of interesting conversations.  Of course would spend my days doing something I love or was passionate about and would make a difference in the world.
And maybe that's why I feel some what disappointed as to have not achieved those ideas in the ways I imagined. Maybe that's why I feel restless now, feeling the desire to make more of those dreams a reality.  My heart knows it needs more to be happy, to thrive and feel like I'm truly engaging in life.

Though as I work on achieving those dreams there is a reflection process that seems to take hold as well.  So thought maybe Thursdays on my blog would be a good opportunity to reflect back on the journey.  Share the adventures, craziness, the many experiences and stories that got me to the present moment. People used to tell me to write about everything, if only blogging had been around back then I probably would have. But since it wasn't, why not take this opportunity to look back on the adventures, choices and journey that led to the here and now.  And suppose some photos will have to be searched for as well, what are stories without images to go with them. :)

Let the reminiscing begin.  Thursdays will be a throw back to the past and a lesson of sorts for the present.

When I look back at some of my earliest photos my favorites are the ones of me at the beach as a mere toddler or later lounging in the little pool in the back yard.  So maybe that's where my love or obsession with the beach, ocean and sun all began. 

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