Monday, June 23, 2014

Monday Musings

This Monday I'm about ready for a nap. Started the day with some yoga. Then Cooper had a vet appointment which means bath for him and clean the house day too.  When the dog has to get a bath the clean freak in me goes to town cleaning everything in house.  It started long ago with Angel, some how just kept the habit. So I bath dog, vacuum and mop all floors, wash dog bedding, couch cover and our sheets.  Clean bathrooms and even washed car today!

Call me crazy but nothing drives me more nuts than when everything is dirty and dusty, not to mentioned unorganized.  I'm one of those types that simply cannot relax in such environments. 

Things have been busy which is good.  Friday I got to spend an entire day with my niece which was awesome. Picking her up at school and being greeted with a monster hug pretty much made my day. We spent the whole day outside, even had to take cover under an umbrella as it was hot and every one was getting red.  She is the most amazing soul to listen to and watch.  Some times have to remind myself that she's only six as her soul seems older.  I feel so protective of her, and constantly worry about the craziness of the world around her as she grows up.  Wish I could some how show and teach her all the lessons I've learned so she won't make the same mistakes or will know the right thing to do.

What made Friday even better was my parents came over for dinner.  It was so nice getting to hang out with every one and my dad brought some great food as well. Only wish we got to spend more time together.

Saturday spent the day doing various things around the house.  Had a heart felt talk with the man, explained how I've been feeling lately.  Hoping he heard and understood what I was trying to express. As there are certain things that need to change. That's how life is, sometimes it requires us to make changes. Hopefully positive changes. And if we listen closely enough it will guide or show us how.

Oddly enough the next day we find our neighbor outside crying on the curb, only to find out her husband informed her he is filing for divorce.  It was surprising as they are only in their early thirties and have two small children.  She came to our house for a while explaining the whole situation. It's not good, his attitude is take everything leave nothing. Our heart broke for her as you could feel her pain.  Yet it opened our eyes to the frailness of any relationship.  How a lack of good, open communication, nurturing, sharing responsibilities and making each other a priority can ruin love.

Sunday we went to Manayunk, which is a neighborhood in Philadelphia, for an arts fest.  It's a rather large art festival that attracts artists from all over the country.  Figuring it would be crowded we decided to get there early when it opened. Great idea because we not only found parking two blocks from it but got to walk around for at least a hour before it got crowded.  We even came home with some pieces of art.  Overall beautiful weather and art!

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