Monday, June 16, 2014

Monday Musings

Time feels like it's moving too fast recently.   

Went to my nieces kindergarten graduation, and just kept thinking there was no way she could possibly be going into first grade next year.  She seems like her own little person now.  Those are the moments in which you just want to freeze time.

Found myself having to hold back tears when they sang songs about the future.  Kept thinking about how the world is such a crazy and unpredictable place. Hope and pray that every one of them will go on to have amazing lives....that they don't get caught up in drugs, bullying, crimes or mixed up with the wrong people.  That they be leaders not followers, always listening to their hearts first.  And that each one of them will grow up to be caring, compassionate, kind, intelligent, loving adults.

Overall it was a busy week.  There was some outdoor stuff that needed to get done. The man actually stepped it up and cleaned out the gutters, which were over ridden with smelly, leafy matter.  Actually helped a little with puppy duties, and even did a few dishes without being asked. It was so unlike him thought for sure it had to be a dream. Those moments he leaves the tv and computer behind are by far the best.

One of the hardest aspects of all we have been through is his inability to communicate and engage in life, he spends so much of his life zoning to tv or on his website. It's why when everything with his addiction went down last year we desperately needed couples counseling.Things needed to be aired, discussed, worked out and solutions needed to be found but instead nothing was addressed. When he didn't follow through with it, well it felt like a large wall was created that brought more distance than closeness. Anyway....

Saturday was spent at my mothers, it was so nice to get out of the house. Cooper was happy as he got to run around outside, they have a large backyard with privacy fence. With his energy he really needs a fenced in yard. 

Sunday I had a vertigo episode so it pretty much left me couch bound, which is never good.  Think the stress of everything is starting to catch up as I feel really tired lately. I don't know how the man does it because I get ancy and bored laying around. Especially when the weather is nice, just want to be outdoors doing fun stuff.

After a rather cool and rainy Spring the weather is starting to heat up.  Summer has officially arrived and things are steaming up.  So have to figure out a way to get to the beach.  It's a little harder now with a new puppy as there is still got a lot of training ahead of us.  Though the first trip back to the beach will be tough because I always took Angel there.  Of course the more I even think about the beach, the more tempted I am to just pack the car and go.  Besides who could not use some spontaneity in their life!

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