Thursday, May 1, 2014

Unpredictable Weather

When it comes to precipitation, it appears Spring is not all that different than Winter around here.  While winter was filled with snow each week, Spring has been filled with rain.  Few days of incessant heavy rain has left everything flooded. 

Rivers, lakes, streams all over flowing.  Roads and even some schools are closed.  In addition, our backyard and basement are filled with water as well. The good thing about all this rain is we planted grass seed so the rain has saved us the cost of having to water. Hopefully the sun stays out for a little so the grass seed can start sprouting!

Seems crazy that parts of the west coast are experiencing droughts and dust storms when the east coast has been barraged by precipitation.  Of course the midwest and south that have been dealing with not only flooding rain but tornadoes. 

And though yesterday was cold, rainy and heat was needed, today is the complete opposite sunny, warn and windows open. Just never know what the weather will bring, guess it's an analogy of sorts for life as well.

Weather is a constant reminder that there are many things beyond our control.  What causes all this extreme weather could be debated or chalked up as a mystery that we may never fully understand.  Guess we simply need to learn to appreciate the sunny days and try our best to get through the storms.

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