Monday, May 5, 2014


Was going to write a more elaborate post but I am simply feeling too much grief to do so today.  Instead going to simply post what I did on my private facebook page.  And when I feel more up to it plan on sharing her amazing story.  For now these are my thoughts.

I'm heartbroken. My sweet Angel, little soulmate and best friend fought so hard but lost her battle with lung disease today. She had such an indomitable spirit....taught me so much about life, happiness and unconditional love. Together we celebrated the good moments and got each other through the rough ones. Don't remember life before her, not sure how to handle life without her. Love and miss you so much my little one. My heart will always wear the paw prints left by you, until we meet again....
 2/20/2001 - 5/5/2014

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  1. :( so so so sorry for your loss! my dogs are my babies too, so i'm so sad for you. condolences for your loss!


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