Monday, April 7, 2014

Monday Musings

As I type this I'm sitting with a heating pad on my lower back, apparently I pulled some muscles between lifting little one and my new yoga program.  Quickly learning that I'm not nearly as flexible nor in shape as I used to be. And I have to seriously do something about that!

My niece came over on Saturday, and we basically played outside the entire day.  It was not only fun but invigorating!  If you really listen to what a five year old has to say it can be so enlightening.  Though sometimes I feel sorry for kids these days.  My niece goes to two different kindergartens, after school programs, soccer, softball, strict vegetarian diet, etc, her schedule is so full and controlled. Sometimes think she doesn't get to just be a kid.  At five there just seems like a lot of pressure on kids to be mini adults instead of enjoying the simple pleasures of being a kid.  Our childhood seemed to have much less structure and restrictions than my niece's generation.  Even worry about my sister too as sometimes think she is overworked and overwhelmed too. Wished we lived in their neighborhood or at least closer so we could help out more.

As I mentioned before haven't be able to get the man to do much lately.  But even he joined in for a little play.  They devised their own game of soccer with our basketball.  Though apparently he is not in shape either as Sunday he could not move. He pretty much spent the day on the couch, and today as well. He goes through periods where he takes lots of walks then nothing.  One of the specialists he saw suggested he start a physical therapy program for his back. So far he has no interest, though it would probably help strengthen his weakened muscles.

These days I seem to run circles around the guy.  Yet I could really use his help around here both inside and out. Sometimes feel a tad envious when I see other couples outside doing yard work as the man just never thinks about such stuff.  He's honestly content to sit on couch and watch me do all the work. It could drive a girl crazy. Especially when I ask something and just get back a maybe. He is not exactly always dependable and it's one of the things contributing to a feeling of disappointment and puzzlement lately. Anyway enough about that. ha

Sunday I cleaned and hosed off our front porch and all the pots I had over wintering.  The temperatures are actually warming up here. Hopefully all that arctic air has moved out.  The porch involved a lot more work than I thought, which is something I'm not suppose to be doing with my back right now.  But once started it was hard not to finish.  My motto is if you are going to do something, might as well do it right.

This Monday is all about getting to do lists accomplished and errands run.  Two different Giant Supermarkets, Petco and Produce Junction.  Followed by outdoor planting of pansies and indoor herb garden. Dishes done, floor mopped and next up making S'more frozen yogurt desserts. Next to the carrot cake cupcakes, golden double stuff oreos they have quickly become a favorite.  They are listed under my recipe section if any one is interested.

Oh and in addition to her new stroller walks, little one has been trying new food in the morning.  She loves Freshpet chicken biscuits so decided to try one of their soft tubed meals.  Since she has a bunch of allergies decided to try the Vital Turkey recipe which is egg and grain free. She seems to love it. Only downside is it costs $12 for a 2 lb tube and once opened it says to use within 7 days.  They have another line that is cheaper $5 for a 1.5 lb tube but it has egg in it. Highly suggest their dog food and treats, as it contains all natural ingredients, unlike many pet foods that seem to throw anything into their food. Now if only they would give me a permanent discount for talking about their food! :)

 Okay enough talking, need to get back to doing. And a good place to start is making the S'mores!

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