Monday, April 28, 2014

Monday Musings

Warm, cold, rain, stormy....I don't know what to make of this Spring.  Even the flower markets seem confused as there appear to be less robust flowers so far.  Many places are usually filled with annuals and perennials by now but that's not the case this season.

When it comes to flowers I'm like a little kid in a candy store....just cannot wait to get to the store to see what they have and find the ones I love.  Literally get so excited it consumes my thoughts. ha  Plus with our porch plants that can handle shade are a must, which are not always easy to find.

The man arrived home from Long Island late Monday night, his little weekend trip home seemed to exhaust him as he pretty much didn't leave the couch all week and wasn't in the best of moods.  His moods have really changed a lot. Would compare it to that feeling of walking on egg shells.  But not going to dwell on it.

Meanwhile, the niece's softball season has begun. Saturday was a perfect day for a game....sunny and 70.  Got to hang out with her and the family which is always fun.  Though my niece was more into playing with the neighborhood kids than hanging with us, oh how she is growing up.  Wish I could freeze time and keep everyone at this age.  Not sure how my sister does it as they have such a busy schedule.  Mother's really deserve so much credit as they are truly the glue that holds together a family.  Not sure they ever truly get the appreciation they deserve.

Been busy and spending a little too much time working on the computer as the dizzy spells are coming on again.  Such a fine line too much computer, phone or tv can really wreck havoc.  Working hard doing stuff for my little pet business which requires a decent amount of computer stuff at times.  Feel like there's been a lot to do lately, always something around the house that needs my attention as well.  We finally got around to planting grass seed today too, with rain in the forecast hoping it takes.

Little one continues to have ups and downs, guess that's how the disease goes. Learning to be extra patience is key.  As she has slowed down a lot.  Keep trying to explain that to the man.  Some nights you have to stand outside for a while until she gets around to her business.  It's very hard as the medicine makes her extra hungry, yet she is already above what her weight should be.  It also seems to upset her stomach.  Just keep hoping and praying for some sort of miracle.

She used to love to snuggle but it seems to make her too hot these days. Even though we still do a little I miss the all night snuggling fests. We take our little stroller walks which she enjoys.  It's so cute to watch her as we walk, even though she can't see she sniffs the air and turns her head.  When the neighborhood dogs bark she barks right back at them. Her little boyfriend seems to love when we visit him as well.  It's these moments I treasure the most. 

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