Monday, April 21, 2014

Monday Musings

After the harsh winter I have come to appreciate sunshine more than ever. This Spring is cooler than normal so the flowers and trees are just slowly starting to open. 

Though a few days of really warm temperatures and pollen seemed to affect Angel's condition.  She scared me on Monday as she panted the whole night, sleeping little.  Pretty much was up all night with her trying to provide whatever comfort I could.  Tuesday we saw the Vet who increased her medicines.  Thursday we saw a specialist who agree her current medicine regimen was okay to stay on. And she suggested seeing a cardiologist as well. Then yesterday out of no where noticed little bit of blood near her mouth and found some type of skin masses on her upper inside lip. My heart sunk as my sweet, little girl has gone through so much in her little life and she doesn't deserve any of this.  Talked it over with my vet, they cannot biopsy or remove it as she cannot be given anesthesia.  It's all a wait and see situation.  At this point it's in God's hands, we are hoping and praying for a miracle.

Friday got to have a little play date with the niece.  She had one thing on her mind, going to the build a bear store to get new outfits for her bear. Reminded me of how persistence I can be when wanting something. Of course being the Friday before Easter the mall was packed.  Not sure how parents do it, as it's very hard to keep track of kids and actually shop.  She would show us one outfit, mean while be running to find the next.  Luckily I'm fast so was right on her heels. ha   Wish we had more time so she could have sat on the Easter Bunny's lap but the line was longer than Santa. The day flew by and before we even got to play outside she had to go home.

Saturday I Spring cleaned, it's so nice to look through spotless windows and sleep in fresh sheets. The man went to visit his family in Long Island for the weekend.  After pretty much spending every day together for almost a year, it was rather nice having the house to myself....the quietness of no tv constantly running, being able to go to bed at the time I want with no distractions, not having to tip toe around the house until noon, being able to simply relax, not having to deal with any moods or tude, etc. lol  Though must give some credit where it's due as the man actually stepped it up this week.  He took down the hornets nest, addressed his bills, made calls, accompanied me to the vet, etc.. Friday night we even went to the mall to do some errands and enjoyed a nice dinner together as well. Now if only this side of the man could come out more often or stay permanently.  Though if I'm being completely honest it's going to take a lot more of that good side to overlook some of the crap the other side caused. Just saying. lol

Sunday was spent with my family.  The weather was gorgeous allowing us to sit out on the patio and enjoy the beautiful day.  We all helped my niece hunt for the Easter eggs that had been hidden by the bunny.  Feasted on great food, shared some hearty laughs, took photos and overall had a fun, relaxing day.

Today we went for a walk only to realize I had locked us out of the house.  After exhausting all means to try to track down people who might have a copy, my neighbor helped me break into our home. ha  Luckily one of the side windows was cracked.  The screens in this house are well built and cannot just be lifted from the outside. So after a few tools the neighbor was able to finagle it up, from there we took a ladder and climbed in. It must have been rather hilarious to watch.

On another note, some how after all these years I feel as if I'm looking at things differently, maybe more clearly.  Seeing people and situations for who or what they truly are. Think that comes from the whole learning process of life.  We can either be open to change, to growth and learning or we can remain the same I suppose.  I'm driven by the desire to become the best possible person I can. To be able to focus on the positive and find a way to let the negative go. To find joy, happiness, love and wisdom in
each day!

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