Monday, April 14, 2014

Monday Musings

This weekend we experienced summer weather, it felt so good. Sun and temperatures around 80 is something that never gets old.  The flowers and trees are beginning to bloom which is a beautiful sight as well. Though can't get too excited just yet as colder air is supposedly heading this way.  The wet, cold winter has produced a very high pollen Spring, in fact weather experts are forecasting a pollen vortex. So while the warm weather has everyone wanting to open windows the pollen is making it difficult.

Meanwhile the week was busy with a bunch of appointments, food shopping, little stress and of course errands. 

Saturday spent hours doing yard work, house work and what seemed like endless laundry.  Even made a few elaborate home cooked meals such as stuffed chicken/spinach shells and lemon caper chicken with roasted potatoes/asparagus.  Sunday involved more laundry, freezing food and house work.  Little one developed a case of colitis from fish that did not agree with her.  She had a few accidents in the house that required flooring cleaning, and is on a special diet to help calm it down.  Though we still managed to go on some lovely stroller walks to see all her doggie friends!

Meanwhile the man spent the entire beautiful, sunny warm weekend cooped up in the house watching tv, mainly golf.  Not sure what happened to his fun mojo, or helping out but the lackadaisicalness is getting out out of hand. Keep telling myself to think positive.

Meanwhile, still trying to process little ones diagnosis.  It's hard knowing her little lungs are fighting a disease that is challenging to treat and cannot be cured.  Trying so hard to do the little things that are important especially keeping house clean and dust free.  Trying to adjust her diet to make sure food is easier to swallow.  It saddens me as my back is hurting so I'm struggling to pick her up lately.  Yet carrying her up and down stairs is necessary.  Houses should come with ramps and maybe even old school elevators.

Grateful for the stroller as it allows little one to not only take walks with me but to enjoy nature and visit with her doggies friends.  We even came across the prettiest daffodils on our walk.

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