Tuesday, March 11, 2014

The Bachelor

So after being bombarded with advertising for The Bachelor, seriously abc was blowing up the airways. All the hype surrounding the finale made it seemed like something out of the ordinary and astounding was going to take place.  So gave in and flipped it on a few times.

Honestly nothing about it was spectacular unless you like watching a jerk mess with others heart.  Or like watching women settling for less than they deserve.

The only thing the guy seemed to have going for him was his genuinely nice family, who more than a few times hinted to the girls that their son was a handful.  Just the way they worded certain things about Juan Pablo would have made me want to run.

Have to admit I haven't watched the show since the Trista days, which is about a decade ago.  Have to admit the man she snagged back then seemed like a good catch....he was the strong/sensitive, ultimate romantic man.  The kind most girls seem to dream about. Then again those types quite honestly, and if being realistic, seem more like maybe 15% of the male population if that) 

 Overall from what I saw the show hasn't seemed to change much.  In my opinion, most of the bachelors don't seem that interested in finding true love they seem more in it for the tv exposure and ego boost that having women fawn on them brings with it.  Many of the girls come across as desperate, caddy and overall not in the right mind to find real love.

Then again the whole premise and format of the show isn't realistic either.  These people stay in amazing houses, have beautiful dates in exotic locations, go on group dates and occasionally get a one on one date with someone they find interesting. But they can't really express their true feelings for fear too much will be revealed too soon on tv.  If they don't really feel a connection with anyone in the house they still have to pretend for tv's sake they might.  And they have to decide if they are in love or want to marry someone else after a measly few weeks or months? 

How the show is even still around is the question?  Are the ratings still that high?  Seems hard to believe but then again reality tv drama seems to attract high ratings.  Honestly, I could barely stand to watch a few minutes of it.  Juan Pablo came across as a jerk which is putting it nicely, who says on national tv "I don't know you but man I love f****** you".  Meanwhile, both girls seemed clueless as to his unkindness.  They seemed hooked on the idea of marriage and settling down that I wonder if they truly loved him like they said or were just in love with the whole notion.  Maybe they were in lust or something, but how can you truly love another unless you have spent quality time with them? And see them at not only their best but worst.

All the hype leading up to the show was just that, there was nothing new or different about it.  In reality only two successful marriages have come from this show after 27 seasons of The Bachelor and Bachelorette there are only 4 marriages so the percentages of success unions from both shows is extremely low.

Don't get me wrong I'm a hopeless romantic and like nothing better than watching romantic movies or shows.  But The Bachelor is my opinion is not in that category.  It's lacking true courtship and romance.  It has more to do with drama and ratings than true love.  The caddishness, craziness, hooking up and unkindness displayed on the show are more annoying and depressing to watch than enjoyable or fun.

Curious to hear others thoughts on this show?

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