Thursday, March 13, 2014

New Wheels (Pets Are People Too Linkup)

Us doggies are always watching our parents on their computers or smart phones wondering what's so great about it?  Is being glued to a device and ignoring those who are actually next to you wanting your attention, really that fun?  Sounds lame.  But it is Pets Are People Too Linkup, so thought I'd try my hand at this stuff again. Lets get it straight though no calling me a pet, my names Angel and mommy says I'm her baby.

For those of you who might not know, the vets say I have a lung disease. Supposedly us Westies have a predisposition for it.  As a ball player that's tough to learn. Mommy can't even talk about it without getting all emotional. She always tells me that I'm her sun, moon, stars and whole world.  And that when I lost interest in playing wiffle ball she knew something was wrong but she just thought it had to do with aging. Well I kind of felt it might be more, but also knew it would break mommy's heart to mention. 

Wiffle play has been my passion, some would even say my obsession since my puppy years.  Never had any interest in going for walks all I wanted to do is play ball.  And play for hours.  So not being able to play has be tough. Imagine not being able to do what you love?  Suppose even the best ball players eventually retire.

Of course when we moved into this neighborhood, filled with dogs I sorta changed my mind about walks.  And our family walks began to mean a be out with mommy, have people making a fuss over me, be able to smell the fresh air and have boy doggies bark for my attention is pretty cool.  But even the small walks have become much harder, something I didn't want to tell mommy.  Amazing thing is mommy already knew, yup mommy and I must be soul mates how else would she just know these things about me!

So mommy got me these cool new wheels.  Complete with a cover in case it's too sunny and net to keep out the bugs.  At first felt a little scared as wasn't sure about it, but when mommy explained it's to ride around town in I relaxed.  Just goes to prove I'm mommy's baby not pet.

Life hands you lemons you know and we just have to try to make the best lemonade we can out of em.  They say this lung disease has no cure.  Can you believe that? With all this technology they haven't found a cure yet.  Maybe you could please say some prayers for me?  That would mean the world to me and mommy. 

At least I have a cool stroller to get around town in now, most importantly when mommy goes for walks I can too!  


Jade and Oak


  1. aw poor boy who can't walk as well, but you're so sweet for getting him some sweet wheels so he can still go out for walks! thanks for linking up :)

  2. you have such a cute puppy! and that's so sweet of you to get him his own set of wheels! he has the coolest ride in town :)


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