Monday, March 24, 2014

Monday Musings

Our Spring like temperatures over the weekend have disappeared, snow is once again in the forecast.  At first the weather experts were saying it could be a huge nor'easter type snowstorm but they have tapered it down to a few inches. Whew.

Think it's safe to say that most are craving Spring here. 

Wednesday the man and I went out to dinner, it was actually for my birthday back in February.  Between snow, colds, work, things just kept getting in the way.  We had a nice evening out, it was much needed.  Though when the server arrived with our food she actually spilled the man's plate all over the floor.  We both ordered steaks, he insisted I start eating while we waited for them to redo his. They even gave him a free meal which was pretty cool.

Saturday we celebrated my sister's birthday.  Of course that meant playing with my niece which is always means fun. Since it was actually warm out we spent the day outside....dancing, blowing bubbles,games and walks around the neighborhood, .  Followed by delicious roast beef/provolone sandwiches, mac n cheese and baked ziti with strawberry shortcake for dessert. 

My sister is officially 40, though don't think it bothered her as it might some.  She is a health/pe teacher, so her co workers decorated her office with all kinds of streamers, caution 40 banners and had the kids stand  with a huge happy birthday sign that stretched the entire gym.  Cool stuff.  Though teaching can be very stressful think it's amazing the friendships that teachers seem to form. 

Sunday I pretty much did not leave the couch, let's just say hormones got the better of me.  The older I get the more crazy my hormones seem.  It's amazing the effect hormones can have on the body!  And science seems far behind, there just aren't enough healthy or safe remedies for hormonal issues.

While on the couch  I watched college hoops,  my bracket isn't exactly looking great and won't be winning that billion dollar prize this season.  Of course I read on cbs that no one will be winning that prize as every bracket that has been officially entered is imperfect at this point.  To put it in perspective a perfect, winning bracket has never been achieved yet, and they say the chances of winning the lottery are better. Go figure. Oh and Villanova lost, so not even a hometown team to root for now.

But Philadelphia Eagles did something good they let Vick go.  Animal lovers all around the city are rejoicing!  And I can once again be an Eagle fan.  New coach, new quarterback....yeah!

Which brings me to Monday.  Mondays seem filled with lots of errands, clean up and random tasks.  Always wondered why people need such big houses but the more stuff we seem to accumulate I'm beginning to understand.  Usually I organize things into essentials and non essentials, lately I'm finding we have more essentials but not enough storage.  The kitchen and office could definitely use more storage space.

Speaking of kitchen, little one is staring at me and crying which is her way of signaling me to start cooking dinner. Gotta run!

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