Monday, March 17, 2014

Monday Musings

Top of the morning to you, and Happy Saint Patrick's Day! 

With Spring right around the corner it's hard to believe it's snowing and that everything is once again covered in white. The weather has been all over the place....warm temperatures one day, freezing the next.  There is no such thing as spring clothes here, a lightweight shirt or tee isn't going to cut it in 30 degrees.  With the weird fluctuation in weather all one needs in Philadelphia is a Winter and Summer wardrobe.

Spent Saturday cleaning our office room.  While the man sat on couch watching tv and twittering. Its amazing how stuff seems to pile up, even in this age of computers there is still so much paperwork.  There is still more work to be done. Because the man doesn't do all that much around here he has no clue just how much stuff we have, he laughs when I say a basement is a requirement.  Even though I try to throw out anything non essential our basement is pretty full.  Think we could use more shelving in some of our rooms, kitchen needs more room for cookware, office needs more space for books and bedroom needs walk in closets for not only clothes but bedding.

In the process of organizing everything decided to update my iphone.  Of course the IOS7 new update yet again crashed my computer and phone. Considering there are over 1,000 photos on it I was in panic mode.  Luckily there was a back up file, so even though my desk top is basically done I was able to salvage the back up and copy it to an external drive.  It took me all day Sunday but I figured it out and was able to restore the iphone.  After about three years of using the iphone still  not sure what I think about it.  Just seems like a lot of things crash any time it has to be updated. 

And working on overcoming a cold.  Lots of herbal teas, water and vegetable soup seemed to help a lot. It's interesting how those things can sometimes help more than medicine.  Anyway.....

We need to make some shamrock shakes or something to celebrate Saint Patrick's Day!

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