Monday, March 10, 2014

Monday Musings

Compared to the arctic weather the Winter has brought, 52 degrees feels like Spring here. Spring weather is exactly what everyone needs, if only it could stay.

The man brought home a nasty cold from Boston, he's been struggling with cold like symptoms for months now which we attributed to allergies but this time it's actually a cold.  And I caught it.  So I'm working on no sleep as the scratchy throat and cough kept me up all night.  Can't take the standard cold medicines so have to opt for all natural remedies like garlic, honey, soup, tea, vicks rub,etc, though they help heal they don't help with sleep.

But honestly I'm more worried about little one as with her weakened lungs she can't afford to get a cold. And even though I asked the man a million times to refrain from kissing little one while sick, he still does.  He just doesn't listen to anyone.  It could drive a girl crazy!

Saturday got to have a girls day with my niece and mom.  We were on a mission to find birthday presents for my sister, mainly to help my niece pick up specials ones from her.  She found a chunky robot necklace, explaining to us that it would remind her mother of her and she broke out in a robot dance.  But we explained it was more for little girls than mommys.  Shopping with a five year old can be challenging as she wanted to buy everything she saw and eventually lost interest opting to play hide and seek. But that's okay because the day was filled with fun and laughter exactly what we all needed!

The seeds I planted a week ago have started to sprout.  Envy those southern states who have earlier growing seasons than us in the north.  Weather here especially in Spring is so unpredictable and takes awhile to warm up.  Often Spring even seems to skip us making Winter feel so long.

This cold is making me not want to do much today including write. But thought I would share this homemade remedy for colds.


  1. I was just reading something about the benefits of lemon. This sounds pretty healthy. I might make it even if I don't have a cold.

  2. (meant to add) thanks for sharing :)


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