Monday, March 3, 2014

Monday Musings

It would not be Monday if I wasn't talking about snow, that's right yet more snow in Philadelphia. Even though it's now officially March spring feels so far off as temperatures are 20 degrees below normal for our region. This storm got hyped all week as a major one but luckily it only amounted to a few inches.

The man was gone for three days in Boston for a sports analytics conference at MIT.  Hopefully it pays off in more business as the trip cost quite a bit.  Have to admit it was rather nice having the house to myself for a few days.  Being home with each other 24/7, 7 days a week can be challenging as everyone needs a little time to themselves.  The best part was the quietness as there was no tv constantly running!  And it was nice falling asleep to soothing music for a change.

Overall the week was difficult.  Felt consumed by sadness over the loss of our family dog.  What made it worse was the man had no empathy, he didn't offer words of sympathy nor any form of comfort.  Actually received more comfort from strangers.  He even had the balls to say four days later that I needed to get over it. When I explained feelings of grief aren't something one gets over instantly, it's something one deals with over time, to which he said it wasn't something he wanted to see or deal with.  Luckily he was on his way to Boston or he would have been sleeping outside.

Seriously his lack of compassion, empathy, understanding and other emotions is puzzling, it tends to come across rather narcissistic at times.  And feels as if it's only gotten worse, could the seizure or the new medicine have something to do with it, maybe. He just hasn't seemed himself for awhile now, including cold like symptoms that have lingered for months.

What's interesting is challenging and difficult times can really bring out someones true character.  And it can be surprising what it reveals about someone.  You find out who is truly your friend and who loves you unconditionally.

Saturday the girls got together for a girls day.  Lunch, a little shopping and just hanging out.  Of course a few photos including goofy face selfies with my niece. Though I think we were all feeling a little down from the week and rather exhausted as well.  Sunday that's exactly how I felt mentally and physically exhausted.  Though I decided to try a new recipe but it was good so it seemed worth the extra effort.  And I will definitely be sharing it on here.  One thing is for sure we are all still very sad over our Ms Scooch.  Feel even more sad when I think of how much my mother and father miss her.

Meanwhile I have spent Monday shoveling snow, cleaning up the house especially the man's stuff (his bills,mail, laundry,etc, can sit for awhile before being addressed), wash, working on bills and planting seeds in hopes of producing flowers. Not only flowers but I am at work on a whole indoor herb garden but that's a whole other post.  

My painting has been taking a backseat to everything else which is something I cannot let happen.  Feeling in a creative drought of sorts.  Creativity and inspiration has been at an all time low which I can't help but wonder might have something to do with this bleary winter.  My little art studio happens to be the coldest, least sun lit room in the house, even with the space heater it's just not as appealing as the main sun filled, comfy couch room. Thinking I may need to redesign the room into something I actually love, something a little brighter to offset the less sun light it gets.

As I write this I'm listening to some relaxing piano jazz and hoping Spring gets here soon.  This is our no more winter faces!

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