Tuesday, February 18, 2014

My Heart Hurts

There are no words that can possible describe how I feel at the moment.  My best friend, my love and little one who has been there for me through the good and not so good of life has been diagnosed with Westie Lung Disease.

When the vet first came in the room to inform us tears started to well and they have not stopped.  I want to stop crying yet my heart and soul cannot.  To find out the week of her birthday seems to hurt even more.  My emotions feel so raw.  My heart deeply hurts. 

Maybe those without animals in their life cannot comprehend how I could so strongly feel this way.  But to those of us with dogs they are a large part of our lives and families. We don't have kids, Angel is our fur baby. She is the center of our world.  There are so many more places, things and moments I want to experience with her.

Honestly I don't remember life before my little one and sure don't want to ever imagine it without her.  She has helped me through so many difficult moments in life, and been there to celebrate the happiest of ones as well.

But it's these very moments of life that test my faith. 

Keep asking why?  And why does anyone have to suffer?   My Angel has been through so much during her little life, her struggle with severe allergies, skin issues, eye disease and not being able to see.  I put my foot down she does not deserve this or anything else. It's just not fair.  She is so loving and sweet she deserves the best of everything, including health.

She is now being put on steroids, antibiotics and a bronchodilator.  We hope and pray these medicines agree with her as she is so sensitive to everything.  Then it's a wait and see game. 

She needs prayers.  And if anyone who reads this could pray for her I would be so grateful.  There is power in prayer right?  Please tell me there is.  Know I need to have faith but it's hard in these kind of raw moments. 

Please pray for Angel's healing and health.


  1. Molly and I are praying for you and Angel. I'm so sorry, Ann.

    Thinking of you and keeping you in constant prayer.


  2. She's so precious. My thoughts are with you and your sweet doggie. <3


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