Monday, February 24, 2014

Ms Scooch

Ms Scooch came into our lives nine years ago.  My mother, father and I happened to be out together, when we came upon a pet store we decided to go in.  Long behold a little Scottie caught our eyes, well specifically my mother's.  The Scottie watched her as she walked around the store.  She didn't jump, bark or move much just sat watching my mother.

It wasn't long before we had her out of her crate and walking around.  It was love at first sight.  My uncle had been talking about wanting a dog and this idea that she would be perfect for him some how came into the picture.  We decided to think about it, but shortly were back in the store and this time leaving with the little scottie.  When the heart speaks you just listen.

We fell in love with her and named her Maggie. And when it came to giving her to my uncle we were all crushed.  But it was the right thing to do, my uncle fell in love with her too and soon she was traveling every where with him.  Though he renamed her Scooch as he had always liked that name for a dog. They were inseparable and we saw a whole lot more of him too. When he had to go places she could not she stayed with us. 

Only a year later the unimaginable happened.  My uncle was not in good health, well one stormy night he was outside with her and his body gave out.  No one knows for sure what happened that night, and he wasn't found him until the next day.  When they notified my mother she asked about Ms. Scooch they said there was no dog with him. He had no fence on one side of his property but luckily they found her hiding under his wood pile.  It had heavy rained all night so they surmised she had gotten scared and hid there.  Her hip was slightly injured, but she was more impacted by losing him.  My uncle was my mother's best friend so she felt the loss as well.  So Ms. Scooch always made her feel as if a part of him was always with her.

She came back to live with my mother and our family, it took time as she was scared by what had happened and did act out a little by biting.  But with time, lots of compassion, understanding and love she overcame it.   Scooch  was a good little Scottie....she always listened, she loved to play, snuggle and be loved.  She meant so much to everyone in our family.

Back in December she underwent a difficult surgery on her leg but came through it great. In fact the surgeon even said he felt she had a strong heart and had at least four to five great years a head of her.  He said she had a cyst on her paw that needed to be removed but that was it.  Just a few weeks ago she seemed to develop cold like symptoms, my mother thought maybe it was a cold or due to all the very cold weather.  But instead of getting better she seemed to get worse. My mother had a schedule vet appointment but the symptoms became worse so yesterday they saw her on an emergency basis. 

After seeing the cyst on the paw, listening to her breathing the vet said she needed to do x rays.  The look of her face as she stepped back in the room said it all.  Ms Scooch who had never been sick in all of her short nine years had multiple tumors all over her lungs.  The vet said she believed that cyst to be melanoma that had spread to her lungs. The tests results combined with her labored breathing, loss of weight, lack of desire to eat in days and overall worsening state there were no options.

They tried to give various medicines by shot yesterday to ease her suffering but they did little.  She would not take any food nor medicine by mouth.  She could not even lay down or sleep.  She just sat looking desperately at my mother for help.  

So this morning Scooch said her goodbyes and passed on. 

Our entire family is devastated.  The sadness and shock we feel is indescribable.  Never did any of us imagine having to say goodbye to Scooch this soon. She was my mother's best friend, followed her every where she went.  A little terrier who had a big bark and fiercely protected those she loved. 

Why did a sweet little dog who only had unconditional love to give, have to suffer like that or be taken so soon?   Life makes no sense. Suppose it never will. 

But this I transcends space, time and everything we know.  It's the only thing we all take with us.  And one day hopefully we will all be reunited with the ones we love.

We love you with all our hearts Ms Scooch and always will.  May you play, run, eat lots of good food, snuggle and find lots of love in the streams of the rainbow until we can all be together again!

Ms Scooch  11/15/2004 - 2/24/2014


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