Monday, February 17, 2014

Monday Musings

It seems talking about snow has become the norm around here on Mondays.  Yet again mid week another major snowstorm moved into the Philadelphia area.  This Nor'easter brought with it over 12 inches of snow. Followed by some more snow on Saturday.  There is no where to put all the snow, and more snow is forecast for tomorrow, then supposedly a warm up is on the way.  Although that means melting of all this snow and potential flooding.  It's a crazy winter that's for sure!

Since we were rather snowed in the man decided to cook us a Filet Mignon dinner for Valentine's day.   We gave our kitchen the ambiance of a romantic restaurant by lighting a lot of candles. The meal was delicious. And he accompanied it with red roses.  Overall a nice way to spend the day.

Saturday we spent it at my family's house to celebrate everyone's birthday, including my brother in law, dad and me.  Yes that's right yet another birthday has come round.  After about the age of 28 I pretty much haven't liked to think about my actual age, so when my birthday does roll around my family jokingly asks "how old are you this year, 28?"  Have I mentioned I'm just not good at accepting things? ha

We all had lots of fun. My niece got some Valentine's gifts so she was happy. We played games, laughed, ate good food and took a lot of photos as well.   Though the man brought his computer which meant he spent a good portion by himself working which kind of hurt my feelings. He runs his own sports handicapping business so he could have easily taken the afternoon off.  Family parties, holidays, celebrations,etc, are just not his thing.  After all he has been through and as he gets older he seems to live in his own little world of sports, tv and his website not wanting to be bothered by anything.  Some days it worries me as just don't think he is seems himself especially after the seizure.  Things have not exactly been easy.

Back to the party though. Luckily I got to spend the day with my niece and family, they really made it a great day. My mother cooked a scrumptious turkey dinner complete with stuffing, sweet potatoes, mashed potatoes and more. My niece who is only five got me the best birthday gifts, a silver necklace with two entwined hearts which she informed me was mine and  hers.  And a beautiful lavender, pearl daisy frame with a framed photo of her from Disney World.  She also informed me I was her bff which just about made my day!

Sunday the man recovered from our outing by laying on the couch all day watching tv. ha  After cleaning up the house in the morning I decided to spend the day watching movies, flipping through magazines and relaxing with the little one.  I've been experiencing some terrible dizzy spells lately which has caused me to really limit using the computer, watching tv and reading again it's been extremely frustrating.

For Christmas I got a subscription to Coastal and Southern Living those magazines are helping to get me through this winter. When I can't read at least can browse through the beautiful photos. At heart I'm a beach girl and southern type.  Recently took one of those quizzes that just confirmed I should live in the south.  Think any where warm and coastal would be perfect as my soul always seems to long for the ocean.  Lets just hope Spring gets here soon!

Meanwhile little one is learning to master the snow by jumping on the frozen piles of snow! 

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