Monday, February 3, 2014

Monday Musings

Every Monday feel like I find myself talking about snow, today is no exception as yet again the Philadelphia area is in the midst of a winter storm.  The weather people are predicting  around 8 inches of snow.  Instead of being the light, fluffy variety this storm is bringing with it heavy, wet snow the kind that makes great snowmen but is hard to shovel.  And there are two more possible storms on the horizon, including an ice storm. Which is why last night after the super bowl we watched a show about properties in Hawaii because we needed to see sun and know that warm weather still exists.

Speaking of the Super Bowl is was pretty much of a nightmare especially for the Broncos.  Of course the man happens to be a Broncos fan, and he takes his sports seriously.  Sports is and will always be his first love.  To say he was devastated would be putting it mildly, he went into a major sulk mood early on....barely talked nor moved, did not smile and basically all the great food I made seemed wasted as he barely ate. He is completely over the top when it comes to sports, in fact it's the one thing that gets his emotions flowing.

It was disappointing as the Broncos put on a rather amazing show this season so to see them fall apart like that was hard.  Everyone pretty much thought it would be a close game, so much for that.   Part of me even wonders if Elway/Broncos brought this on themselves when they let Tebow go the way they did, you know a karma of sorts. 

Thought the commercials were some of the best ever.  The Budweiser one with the dog and horse was my favorite.  Followed by the Tebow and Beckham ones. Who doesn't like looking at cute, chiseled men.  Overall I loved how so many of the commercials included animals.  And of course the Puppy Bowl was awesome as well.  The best was seeing all those puppies being adopted!

Overall the week had its ups and downs but got what needed to get accomplished completed.

Back to the snow not only are we snowed in but have lost power as well.  This may just be the most snow storms this area has seen in decades.  Winters here usually see an occasional snow storm but nothing like this.  And without power this little netbook isn't going to be of much use soon.  The man and little one have the right idea they are snuggled on the couch as without power there is no heat so it's going to get cold.  Think I need to join them!

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