Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Lifes Mysteries

Life is a mystery to be lived not a problem to be solved.  Oh how many times I have pondered that saying during the difficult moments of life.  In a sense life is about learning to trust in the unseen, but sometimes the mysteries feel overwhelming and leave us with a deep desire to know more.

When we lose those we love the mind tends to really question life, to desire more than ever the answers to the deeper mysteries and questions of life.

Today I woke up with such a sense of sadness. Losing a part of our family who held such a special place in our hearts, especially my mother's hurts deeply. It also leaves a deep seated desire to uncover those mysteries of life we may never have answers to while here on earth. So many questions....

While I feel guilty evening questioning it, in such moments I do question whether there is a God? Where is he? How did he come to be?  Is there a Heaven?  If so where, what does everyone look like and is everyone reunited with those they love?  

Why does God allow bad things to happen here on earth?  It's hard to listen to the news and not wonder this. Why does he allow animals and people to suffer? Why do some people seem to have it all and some have so little?  Is there a purpose to life?  And does God have a purpose for each of us here on earth?

Oh how I want to believe hundred percent in God, Heaven, other realms of existence where only goodness, health and unconditional love exist. I envy those with unbreakable faith, those who never doubt God's existence or their beliefs.  And I hope he forgives me for my skeptical moments.  For the most part my heart and soul do believe in God, but it's the mind that tends to try to rationalize everything often leading to cynicism and skepticism. Especially during the difficult moments of life.  It's hard to trust there is a purpose behind the bad and suffering that occurs on earth.

And then when we lose some one we so desperately want to know they are okay and that we will be reunited with them again one day.  If only we knew for sure we would see them again it would make it just a little easier to accept.

Maybe we will never have the answers to all of life's mysteries while here on earth but I hope God at least sends us signs. God if you are listening I could really use a happy, positive sign or two.

The Bible says ask and you shall receive. Again I hope this to be true, and hope when people truly ask for his help he will be there to help.  Then again maybe he always helps just not in the way we might desire or recognize.

I pray for signs from above that our loved ones are okay, that we will see them all again and be able to feel  their presence with us. I pray for a sense of knowing to all my questions.  I pray for guidance, purpose, enlightenment, happiness, love, faith and most of all hope. I pray for goodness, health and peace for everyone in the world.  I pray that those mysteries of life won't keep us from God but will instead draw us closer to him.

When I gaze up at the stars can't help but believe there is a whole other world out there guiding and watching over us.

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