Sunday, January 12, 2014

Soul Sunday

There is a universe outside your door, waiting to touch you, soothe you, heal you.  There is an entire world out there waiting to help you open your heart and nurture your soul.  The universe wants to teach you things, show you things, help you come more alive than you have ever been before. 

Let the universe help you. Tell the universe what you desire. Be clear and forthright about what you need and want. Then simply let go.

Open your eyes, open your senses, open your heart.  Walk out your door, look around.  You'll be shown.  You'll be guided. Your heart will lead you to what you need.  Listen, look, feel. You are connected to the universe. 

What you are guided to do, where you are guided to go, where your attention is directed, the people you meet, the phone calls you receive, the experiences you have, even the problems that arise....these are some ways the universe can respond to you. 

You are connected to a magical loving universe, one that will come alive for you in ways you cannot imagine. Let the universe bring you all the healing you need.  Let the universe bring you alive.  Awaken to the world around you, and you'll awaken to yourself. 

Sometimes the most gentle, quiet, flickering thought....the glimmer of an idea, the awareness of a need or desire, o that small bit of inspiration or how the universe prepares us for what it wants us to do or receive. Our inner voice, the one in our hearts, is an important part of the way we are guided and led down our path. 

  Awaken your soul to the world around you.

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