Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow and More Snow

Yet again a major snowstorm has set its sights on Philadelphia.  Predicted snowfalls vary from 6-14 inches with many suggesting we could be in the storms sweet spot.  When you have no where to go it's beautiful to watch.  Even walks in the snow feel so magical.

Although the man's father is arriving from Florida, which means all three of us will now be snowed in for the next two days. So much for the men going out and getting a day to myself.

Both our cars are low to the ground, took mine to pick up his father and thought we were going to get stuck on the back roads.  It was hard to even get back in the driveway. The visibility was poor and the roads were a mess. No one knows how to drive in snow, let alone clean off their cars which makes it worse.  They are warning people to stay home and off the roads.  Between the snow, wind and single digit temperatures its a true winter storm.

My sister has the right idea her family goes sledding with friends and play in the snow.  Sledding would be perfect but there's no spot close to here without having to drive.  So it's up to little one and I to create our own fun!

We captured a few snow images on our adventures outdoors. Guess all I can say is let it snow!

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  1. I cannot even fathom that kind of snow fall! It rarely snows here and when it does, it's gone in a day or so. Perfect is you ask me. I will admit it's pretty to look at when you don't have anywhere to go. Love the picture! Especially the one of the baby.


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