Thursday, January 9, 2014

Pets Are People Too

Mommy saw this link up and asked if I wanted to participate.  Of course what dog wouldn't want to share their thoughts with the world.  Did I mention the word dog is not exactly my favorite.  Little One, Mama, Sweet Pie, Baby Girl, Wheatie, Pumpkin Pie, my mommy has all sorts of cute nicknames for me because she knows I'm more than just a dog.  Mommy pretty much thinks of me as her baby, that's fine with me as I consider myself a mini human.

Though as a mini human don't understand why I still have to do my business outside. Seriously the temperatures have been below freezing here.  Who wants to have to go outside in arctic temperatures let alone have to do their business out there?  Welcome to my world.  Though I sleep in bed with my mommy and daddy, eat home cooked meals, even wear clothes, yet still have to do my business outside. 

And on top of the arctic air it snowed.  Not just a few inches either, we are talking 10 inches of snow.  My legs aren't even ten inches long.  When I was a puppy I used to charge through the snow barking at the snowballs made with my paws, often getting stuck and lost amongst the whiteness.

Even though I'm older and wiser now, I'm still small so look to mommy to shovel paths in the snow for me.  Of course while she is shoveling those paths I do my best to navigate through the snow and if I get stuck she is there to pick me up.  Though still don't understand why I can't just do my business inside like everyone else. If you think I should be allowed leave a comment telling mommy so.  Maybe if she gets enough comments saying yes she could buy me one of those fake grass potty patches for inside the house.  :)

Here's me during my recent snow adventures.  Thanks for letting me share my thoughts.

Linking up with Jade & Karly for Pets Are People Too Linkup

 Jade and Oak


  1. aww so cute! my pups are pretty mad they have to do their business outside in this cold weather too. thanks for linking up with us! :)
    -- jackie @ jade and oak

  2. I bet if you taught yourself to use that big bowl in that place called the bathroom, Mommy wouldn't make you go outside to do your business anymore. btw you are just way to cute!

  3. Omg, what a sweetheart!! He is sooo cute!! xoxo


  4. Oh my goodness what an adorable little snowball face. Love the sweet little furbaby pics.

    Keep it Sassy & Classy,

  5. Hi! I absolutely love this post! Our dogs are our children too and I just love anything written from their perspective! Adorable!

    PS - it's Cheryl from Twitter :)


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