Monday, January 27, 2014

Monday Musings

The weather experts are saying this could be the coldest winter on record, I believe it!   Not exactly fond of winter but this one feels particularly harsh.  There is a constant feeling of being cold. This polar vortex the weather forecasters keep referring to is making it feel as if we live in the arctic.  And the heating bill is reflecting it as well, pretty much blowing the budget.

Of course my little studio/office happens to be the coldest room in the house. Luckily I invested in a vornado space heater early in the season, it actually warms up the room nicely.  Though space heaters do raise the electric bill.  

Motivation is at an all time low, hibernation at an all time high.  Skin tends to be dry and pale yearning for sunshine.  And anyone you encounter seems to be saying the same thing, how they desperately need and want Spring.  

Tuesday we had a major snowstorm as the man's father came into town from Florida.  The snow kept us basically housebound for two days. Even the local malls closed early.  Luckily Friday we were able to get out to run some errands.  By Saturday more snow moved in for the weekend.  Bringing with it more of the Polar Vortex temperatures. We basically spent the day watching the snow fall.  Made a little gingerbread cake too. There is nothing like warm gingerbread cake topped with whip cream and a cup of tea on a cold winter day.  :)

Sunday it was so cold spent much of the day under a warm blanket, watching golf on tv which was being played in LaJolla where it was 70 degrees.  LaJolla a city I miss very much right now.  Back when I lived in San Diego there weren't months of winter blahs, maybe the occasional June gloom. In fact when I lived in Southern California never needed a heavy winter coat.  So this winter I find myself questioning even more than normal whether it's time to move some place warm again. 

Keep dreaming of is sunshine, warm air and ocean breezes.  Even little one would rather be at the beach than have to go outside in this arctic weather.  For now though we will continue trying to stay warm this winter with lots of snuggling.


  1. Haha, tell me about it! We're in SC and I feel like I'm back in Michigan! You're right, Spring can't come soon enough. That gingerbread cake sure does sound good right about now, lol!

  2. I agree. Wow! La Jolla? I love the SD area...esp Del Mar for when I win the world's biggest lottery. :) How on earth did you end up in PA? I'm in Georgia which is a nightmare today if you've seen the news, but we are looking to move to S Florida later this year. I'm taking pictures because this may very well be the last snow I see.


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