Monday, January 20, 2014

Monday Musings

The weekend was busy.  Today involved a lot of errands, including food shopping.  Having to food shop with a major winter snow storm approaching is a crazy experience.  Everyone seems to panic thinking they will be stuck in their houses for days or something.  Bread and milk fly off shelves.  We on the other ran out of food, should have done our shopping last week but kept putting it off.  While everyone had small snow storm type orders we had two carts full of food, people in line seemed to cringe when they saw that.

The parking lot was so crowded that someone decided to park in the spot where carts are stored.  And of course people didn't take well to that, let's just say when the person comes out they will be surprised at all the carts piled behind their suv.  It's Philly what do they expect? lol

Friday involved a visit from the man's mother.  Felt apprehensive as when these two get together there is a palpable tension.  Over the years his mother has become a very spiritual person.  But the man is rather closed off to such things which seems to only add more tension.

With all the health issues she thought it might help to see a spiritual healer.  So Friday we drove about a hour to visit a British man who travels the country doing healings.  He believes it's not him who heals, but through energy and prayer God heals.  So he lays his hands on the body in various places going in a meditative like state.  And he has a prayer book with names that he prays on each day. There have been plenty of success stories surrounding this man.  If anyone would like to read more about him google Malcolm Smith healer.

Felt a little nervous but when you have suffered from dizziness as long as I have you will pretty much try anything, especially when offered for free.  He says results usually are felt within 3-7 days and if one doesn't feel results then another session probably won't help. If results are felt he suggests 3 more sessions. Given the dizzy spells have increased in frequency recently thought it would be good time to give it a try.  So far haven't noticed much but still holding out hope. 

Before his mother left on Saturday she wanted to talk to him. Outside of sports the man is not an easy one to engage in any kind of meaningful conversation.  So basically an argument ensued, his mother left in tears and I felt sad for both of them. This week the man's father is coming to visit. Never know what to expect with his family so it should be interesting. Honestly I'm just not in the mood to entertain anyone still feeling the winter blahs.

Wish his whole family could sit down and hash things out because life is too short to harbor negativity. No matter what age parents divorce it can leave a bitter divide in families and hurt everyone in different ways.  If only people could put aside their selfish, stubborn and close minded ways to help each other.

Sunday was all about football. The Broncos took over for the day, and thankfully they won!  Yes they are officially headed to the Superbowl.  The man is happy.

As for myself this Monday well I just need a real vacation.  It's funny how the stresses of life and cold weather can simply burn you out sometimes.  Leaving you feeling blah, exhausted, unmotivated and craving to just lay on a beach with your dog for a week.  Did I mention my little one loves the beach too?  :)

For now we are doing a lot of snuggling under some warm blankets!

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  1. ah so sorry for all of the family tension. and hope your dizziness improves soon!
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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